Kitchen Accoutrements: The Slow Cooker

Morning y'all.  I'm in mourning.  I broke my slow cooker.  Ok, I'm being a little bit dramatic.  It's just the pot that broke.  I was using an ancient Mayan technique called hand-washing and the pot slipped out of my hands and broke in the sink.  I was momentarily devastated.  I use my slow cooker multiple times a week.  But then I remembered that I came across this beauty:

I know.  I'm a huge nerd.  But it's been ordered - you can order it here.  I'm also going to order a replacement pot for my other slow cooker because you really can't have too many (I mean, you can but whatever).

Last week, I shared my Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup recipe that I made in the slow cooker.  I also use a lot of recipes from the Crockin' Girls web site, like this Coke Roast.  I signed up for their mailing list and they send you a couple recipes a week, which is great for meal planning - something I try to do so I'm not in the grocery store every day.  (This week I've not been so successful)

Do y'all have easy slow cooker recipes you want to share?  Or cookbooks you love? I'd LOVE to know, since it's about that time of year (my favorite time of year for eating).  Hoping those of you in the throes of the Nor'easter are warm and cozy and eating comfort food.


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  2. I just discovered slow cookers and am obsessed. I "borrowed" one from my mom, and there is no way I'm giving it back (unless someone gets me that beautiful blue one you have listed).This is my favorite recipe so far: (I can't figure out if this is actually linking, but it's on my Pinterest Recipes board, called slow cooker cilantro lime chicken).

    I shred it for tacos/burritos. It is so easy and delicious. I want a slow cooker recipe for pulled pork/BBQ pork that doesn't call for soda.

  3. Wow thats the prettiest slow cooker I have ever seen. I may need to add it to my Christmas list. I got a slow cooker cookbook and now an intrigued to try a bunch of things this I associate them with comfort foods and we all know comfort foods and winter go together like spaghetti and meatballs:) Will keep you posted!

  4. I love my slow cooker and the blue and white one is fabulous. I've printed your creamy chicken noodle soup. I hope to prepare it this weekend, rainy in Southern California.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party


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