How About We Not Go Bankrupt This Christmas

Ok y'all, I have about the same level of self-control when it comes to Christmas as this guy.  It doesn't help that Edward insists on watching Elf every morning when he wakes up.  Every. Morning.  It only feeds my enthusiasm.  So while everyone is sharing their gift guides (I'll link to some of my favorites tomorrow), I thought I'd share a couple ideas for Christmas decor that won't leave you completely broke before you even have a chance buy these gifts.

Most of it is from Target.  Why? Because shopping with a two-year-old is always a wildcard.  I need to be able to run 46 different errands in less that 25 minutes without getting Edward in and out of the car seat.  Enter Super Target.  I can keep him busy with a plastic tiger or dinosaur from the $1 bins, get a Starbucks, shop for groceries, baby stuff, clothes, shoes and holiday decor in one swoop.  The amount I spend at Target is a ridiculous, but necessary evil in my current situation.*

* Target absolutely did not pay for this semi-ringing endorsement.  I wish!

So here ya are, folks:

  1. Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt $30 - I bought this for under our tree in our kitchen.  I love the scalloped border and the white looks really pretty under the tree. 
  2. Red Gingham Wired Edge Ribbon $6.99 - Hobby Lobby is one of the most intimidating places on Earth, but they have lots of ribbon for not lots of money.  I went crazy with the ribbon this year, but more on that next week.  They also have a Hobby Lobby app that you can download on your phone and use to show them that 40% Off Coupon that you usually have to print out, but you always forget because who prints things anymore? Finally, Hobby Lobby is having 50% off all Christmas items.  
  3. Red Curled Wood Wreath $31.99 - Say that quickly 5 times.  I bought this for our front door.  It's a really bright, vibrant red that you can see all the way from space.  You'll see next week. 
  4. Gold Glitter Nutcracker $9.74 - I'm going to go get some today.  I love nutcrackers, except when they look angry.  I want them to look happy and gay, like these guys. 
  5. Land's End Needlepoint Christmas Stocking $29.50 - These would be a lovely placeholder until you finish the needlepoint stocking you are thinking of starting to make yourself.  I really need to get going on that.  We haven't actually had a family Christmas at home yet, instead switching off between families each year while we can.  But the time is coming for Edward to wake up Christmas morning in his own home.  It will be bittersweet for sure.  I'll need to have some proper family stockings by then. 
  6. Clear Acrylic Snowflake Tree Topper $20 - I have this for one of our trees, but I haven't put it up yet.  It's blingy, which I like.  
  7. Furbish "Jingle This" Handtowel $12 - Furbish is one of my favorite places to shop online and I'm still obsessed with this hand towel.  I think it's funny and holiday decorating should be funny sometimes.  
  8. Go to the grocery store, get some walnuts, put them in a glass hurricane with a white candle.  It looks festive and clever.  
  9. Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plate 1983 $25 - I love these because they're old school.  Also, because they're blue and white.  You can find them all over Etsy and Ebay.  You can hang them or use them on plate stands amongst the greenery to get your blue fix.  
Sorry, I didn't make it to 10.  The OCD in me is stressed by that, but the lazy part of me didn't want to deal with it.  I'm almost finished with my Christmas decorations, which I'll show you next week!  It occurred to me that we will probably live in this house for the next 30 years.  And while I could easily put a tree in every window, a wreath on every door and trim around every door frame, I need to save some things for next year and the year after.   That is soo hard for me to do, but we would like to buy presents for people and give to some charities, so I hold back ... for the children. 


  1. Awesome and reasonable list! I love Royal Copenhagen's Christmas plates. My father has given my mother one plate each Christmas. This year mom will be getting her 40th plate. :)

  2. You amaze me! I wish you could meet my daughter in law! The two of you would be BFF's from the get go! If Target had been around when my children were young…I'd be doing this exact same thing!!! There was a store here and it started with P but for the life of me…I can't remember the name…it was basically a target before it's time! I spent hours there…a lot of hours there…and lots of money there because it was such an easy and wonderfully fun place to shop! I totally understand enjoying the Target thing! We are about to get a Super Target with an escalator right across the street from my daughter in law and son's neighborhood….Watch Out people! They will be there constantly! Such fun! Loved this post and loved all of your Target suggestions!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jennifer!

  3. I saw that lovely wreath at Target on Black Friday!! It is so lovely. I love it, it would be so lovely for Valentines day too. xx. Mckenna Lou

    1. I walked by it like 6 times before I bought it. Way prettier in person than in pictures, right?


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