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Morning y'all! This whole image just makes me happy :) It's a gorgeous day in Kansas City.  I'm hoping we get some things done around the house so I can share them with y'all next week.  It has definitely been some week, right?  I'm ready to enjoy the weekend.  Hope y'all are all safe and happy and warm! Enjoy these links:

Love these motherhood tips

 Southern Comfort Punch is not an inappropriate baby shower beverage
Disclaimer: I'm not a huge fan of Southern Comfort.  If you gave me a shot of water and called it 
SoCo & Lime, I would still vom.  But this punch is real gewd 

Plaid pants for King Edward - yes please!

Love this big boy room before and after

And this more contemporary big boy room is really fun

Let's hear it for blue, Let's hear it for you Mark D. Sikes

Fabulous lanterns

Costco Recommendation:  Sabatino Truffled Risotto (easy & delish)

Personalized Cashmere Love

I just "dry cleaned" my cashmere sweaters using this Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret
Smells like newborn baby heads, but I wouldn't recommend it for silk blouses

Feeling Daft about Delft: blue and white plates

Pretty fireplace moment

Fab round-up of skirted entry tables
I plan on doing a skirted round table in the family room to house pictures galore

This sums up my concerns, even though it might be a bit dramatic

But this sums up what I plan to do about it

I was unaware that the White House had a room just for me

Glossy Teal and Plaid Heaven 

Gray, White and Wood Heaven

Always love finding a new pillow source

Say what you will about Snooki, but her baby is real cute

Skin Care Tips & Tricks from someone with great skin (just trust me)

Love this quote about friendship

I'm going to try to post more Christmas stuff


  1. I kind of love that her baby is named Lorenzo. And I kind of hate myself for admitting that.

  2. I remember getting plaid pants for my son at age two. He would not wear them! He called the "clown pants".
    Needless to say they didn't get worn.

  3. I die for that pink Lonny room... thanks for the big boy room shout out! I always look forward to your friday posts!

  4. Thanks for the link back to our site! I just love your friday lists! xo

  5. Love the skin care tips! This just confirmed that i NEED a clarisonic.

  6. I am going to go take in all the skin care advice....one of my many resolutions to take better care of my skin and not take advantage! Gotta admit "The Snook's" baby is quite cute, looks just like her, but I am having such a hard time imagining her being a mom and a responsible one at that...lets hope she surprises us!
    Hope you are enjoying your new home......

  7. Thank you for sharing the skin tips! It is true ladies! SPF, oils galore (you know I LOVE me my oils), and Clarisonic. You are the BEST! You know how I feel. I also agree, candles do need to be lit at least once to not look trashy. I see this.


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