Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Christmas Puppy Awesomeness

Morning Y'all! The weekend is finally here. I have a wedding this weekend that I'm very much looking forward to (Wilson Phillips and Bieber have been promised by the bride).   I also hope to get a head start on our family's Secret Santa gift exchange.  We did it a couple years ago and it was so much fun! This year we used SneakySanta.com to draw names, since we couldn't all be together to actually draw names from a hat.  It's great because you can include a wishlist with links to things you want.  My youngest sister was all over that ;)  We also have really involved rules, too.  See here:

And you HAVE to follow them or you get the award for Grinch who stole Christmas, and we all live in fear of that title.  We take pictures and make a book out of it and it makes for a great Christmas memory.  I think it helps ease the pain of not having any kids who believe in Santa anymore.  My youngest sister, Laura, let us believe she believed in Santa until she was 16, but once it became clear we weren't fooling anyone we had to find a way to bring back Christmas magic. Anyway, I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! I included some links to some of the gift guides I came across that had things I would actually buy on them.  Enjoy all these linkies with some spirited drinkies y'all!

If you watch this you will be happy all day - trust me

I love the design of the Laduree web site - tres fab

University offers stress-relieving puppy room during exams
File that under: total genius moves

Putting it out to the Universe - I would like to be a famous writer someday 
I wonder if there is an interest for a tome on my life with a toddler at Target 

GIFT GUIDE #3: For the Chef
note the placemats 

GIFT GUIDE #4:  Great ideas from friends of The Enchanted Home
including a fabulous blanket and monogrammed towels, which we desperately need 
A fellow blue and white lover shares her display

GIFT GUIDE #5: A really great Dude Gift Guide

Chinoiserie Nesting Tables for Cheap

GIFT GUIDE #6: For the Home 
love the monogrammed blanket and wall poster  

Do Your Eyes Light Up When You See Your Child? 
Always something I try to keep in mind 

Amanda from Dixie Delights always inspires me, especially her house all done up Christmas-style 

I'll take one cashmere party cardi in each color please
Credit: Thank you Leigh Burke for coining the term "part cardi"

* Next week: My Christmas Decorations, a pretty Kansas City home that happens to belong to one of Kip's bosses and a charity that I just found out my church does that you all should know about! 


  1. Jennifer wonderful links; I have been to several! Love the way you do your Holiday gift drawing!

    2012 Artists Series and Giveaway from The House of Edward!

  2. That's a fabulous idea for the gift drawing! I"m sending it to my sister and brother now! Have a wonderful time at the wedding and thanks for the fabulous links to go to!

  3. It would be a very merry Christmas if I opened one of those gorgeous party cardis (and I thank Leigh too)!

  4. I love your Christmas spirit!! Have a lovely weekend. xx, McKenna Lou.

  5. I actually put every one of those cardigans on my list. As in, sent to M, J.Crew cashmere cardigan, all colors.


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