Happy Election Day!

Morning y'all! I love this shot of the Writing Room at The Greenbrier (Matchbook Magazine Feb 2012).  I feel this style embodies the state of our nation at the moment * - "Punchy American," if you will.  Yes, that's a style.  I just made it up. And I want it somewhere in my house.  Specifically, the chintzy chair, that over the top federal style mirror, and the ornate fire-place. 

I plan on doing what I imagine most American moms will be doing today - voting and then going to Costco.  I'll spare y'all the lecture about voting as I'm sure most of you who read my blog could tell me a thing or two about the privilege of voting. Y'all's is way smart.  I hope you have a lovely day! And may the odds be ever in your favor :)

* Careful analysis of my Facebook & Twitter feeds informed this scientific opinion about our nation's mindset.  That's what four years of Journalism school and three years of Law school will do for you. 


  1. The Greenbrier is TOTALLY my interior design spirit animal. I'm going to start using "Punchy American" from now on.

  2. If I ever move, you are decorating my house. Seems like this style will work beautifully where I may go! Also, I voted early on Friday. Thankfully, I didn't vote for George Clinton this time as I knew he wasn't running...12 years later, I am such a current American.


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