Halloween 2012 Recap

Morning y'all! Boy am I a Scrooge! I'm not a big Halloween person.  I don't know why, I'm just not.  The only time I ever got into it was in law school when we had a crazy Halloween party.  Every year I went as Britney.  I met Kip at the first Halloween party, which makes for an awesome story, and, for that, Brit Brit is a truly important part of my life's historical narrative.  So maybe for that reason alone, I should change my attitude because one of my top five life moments happened on Halloween. 

Anyway, yesterday was one of those awesome toddler days.  Awesome in the sense that you're like, "um hey who are you and what did you do with my sweet Edward??" I found myself saying No A LOT.  Like, "No, you may not put all of your dinosaurs in the toilet!" or "No, put down that chair."  And he found himself screaming all his wants and desires rather than asking in a normal tone.  I say this not to complain, but to complain.

"Mommy's a fun-hater"

Ignore the mess in the picture above.  Edward made it, not me.  It was just one of those days.  (I also caught whatever flu/general malaise Kip had the day before so that was not helping).

Soo despite the fact that everybody was crabby, we managed attempt to get into the Halloween spirit.  Kip carved pumpkins.  I usually help, but I wasn't feeling so hot so I helped Edward draw his pumpkin on the right and traced his hands.

It was our first Halloween in the new neighborhood so we weren't sure what to expect.  My plan was to answer the door in my Bieber shirt so the young girls would be like, "that mom is a cool mom.  I want to babysit for her." 

I didn't anticipate Edward hiding every time trick-or-treators rang the doorbell. 

Soo instead I was the childless lady answering the door in a Bieber t-shirt, which may have been kind of creepy.   One mom talked to me all about how impressed she was with the Bieber concert and his tour schedule.  I hope I run into her at the park.  We'd probably be good friends.  And I did get a "BIEBER!!!" from a dad on the sidewalk, but overall I'm pretty sure most people weren't sure about my whole non-costume/Bieber shirt situation. 

Speaking of non-costume, I brought home multiple costumes for Edward to wear.  He reacted with fear and anger.  He wouldn't even let me get them near him with those things.  

Kip tried to entice him to wear last year's pumpkin costume. 

Edward loved it.  But still refused to wear it. 

Luckily, I had one last trick up my sleeve. 

Superman pajamas from Old Navy (they have cute little boy pjs right now y'all).  Even though we weren't trick or treating, I needed something to put on Facebook so I wouldn't be left out of the Cute Kids in Costumes Parade. 

So I dressed Edward up as my brother, Uncle Bo Bo circa 1987. 

It was an "iconic" moment for our family.  Anyone who knew our family during that time, knew my brother wore his Superman pajamas everywhere.  Kip's family said Kip had Superman pajamas when he was little, too.  Apparently, Kip thought he could fly and jumped into a wall the first time he wore them. 

Like father, like son:

So while no one was really in the mood for Halloween, we still managed to have some fun without upsetting Edward, and bring back some really wonderful memories on both sides of our family. There's always next year.

And now 'Tis the Season! And I couldn't be happier!

P.S.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people affected by Sandy who didn't get Halloween.  I will do better next year, if for no other reason, than because you never know when something can be taken right out from under you. 


  1. I'm sorry, I just did so many Diet Coke spit takes reading this that I finally had to put my drink down. Edward slays me. And I am CRACKING UP about the creepy childless lady in the Bieber shirt.

  2. What a sweet and funny post. You never know what will happen with toddlers.

    PS. I'm not a fan of Halloween either. Here in NJ it's been POSTPONED to Monday. Horrors!

  3. What a funny post, Jennifer. I SOOOO remember those days. When our kids were little hubby took the older ones trick or treating leaving me home to hand out treats. The baby was about 18 months old and wearing an all white hooded sleeper. He was running from window to window watching everything. The kids would start down our walk, turn around and leave. Later we found out they thought our house was haunted and there was a ghost running around! xo Diana

  4. He really can fly! How darling! Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  5. Absolutely adorable. I love this age when kids just make the world so much more interesting.


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