Blue & White in Matchbook

Morning y'all! I got so excited about all of the prettiness in this month's Lonny (here and here and here) that I forgot to post on some of the blue and white prettiness I saw in the latest issue of Matchbook.  So here 'tis!

First, there's this silly little "Setting the Thanksgiving Table" bit where they pair a table setting with an outfit to match.  I appreciate the creativity and prettiness for page layout purposes even though matching your outfit to your table is a little ridiculous.  But I loved everything on this page: the blue and white mixed with the polka-dot china, silver and white turkeys (or as Edward calls them "tookeys").

Unfortunately, I would never wear a dress that fancy for Thanksgiving even though it's super cute.  Thanksgiving is not a joke y'all.  It requires special stretchy pants and/or and muumuu a la Mrs. Roper.  Does Valentino make muumuus?

Moving on, I loved this Savannah townhouse apartment from Robyn Mizrach McClelland.

Love all of the color, chinoiserie and mixed elements - lots of pretty things on display (on display, on display).  Also loving how she styled the fireplaces.

And finally, Matchbook tells you how you can get the look

And I'm telling you, there's a plethora of gift ideas right there.  A plethora.

(this is literally where I learned the word plethora


  1. I wore skinny jeans to Thanksgiving last year. Won't be making that mistake again. EVER. I have never been so miserably uncomfortable in my life. I vote for a chic Valentino caftan. Very Jackie O, very good camo for the food baby.

  2. I never tire of Royal Copenhagen's Blue Fluted Plain. I get giddy every time I set our table with our beautiful hand-painted china!

  3. Everything here looks so pretty....I wish I had more time to go to the online mags, but Lonny seems to be one worth making the time for! I so hear you on the stretchy pants for turkey day......or a very oversized blousy top hehe!

  4. Amen, Thanksgiving is NOT a joke!

  5. I want to be Mrs. Roper. Who doesn't want to yell at their husband for being a man while wearing brightly patterned billowing sheets with sleeves. She had it made. Plus, she lived in a time where a deep orange tan was considered "healthy." Swoon.


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