The Next Wave in House Beautiful: Margaret Kirkland Interiors

Morning y'all! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my guest post at The Enchanted Home yesterday, and a special thank you to Tina for having me and saying all of those super nice things  (your $100 is in the mail).  Also, Hellooo to my new readers who came over from The Enchanted Home.

Have y'all seen the November issue of House Beautiful? It's real gewd.  In fact, it's so good that The Suze pretty much ripped out every page in the issue.  This is her way of dealing with her magazine hoarding problem.  Rather than keep an entire issue, she tears out the page she likes, stuffs it in her handbag where it will then be placed in a file folder to be placed in a basket that someone other than herself carts up and down the stairs (that basket can get heavy y'all).  It works because it keeps her stuff contained to a basket, but it doesn't work when the entire issue is great.  Obviously, she didn't realize the entire issue was great until she got to the end and realized she'd torn out every page.  Silly Mama!

Anyway, one of these ripped and dog-eared pages looked something like this:

We were like, "ooooohhhh pretty! I want all of those things and that birdcage."  I was surprised to see it was done by such a young designer, Margaret Kirkland of Margaret Kirkland Interiors.  Actually, I have no idea how old she is, but she looks young so I'm just guessing here.  It's no secret that my taste is veering in a more traditional direction.  It's more about separating what I like from what I want to live with.  I like lots of things I could never live with, if that makes any sense.  So it's fun to see someone who looks to be around my age doing traditional and pretty interiors. 

Here's some more pretties from her web site:

I've said previously that I can't live with much red in my house, but those lanterns could come live with me any day.  I love the floral nooks with the pistachio painted moulding and the black and gold sconces.  It's such a mix of styles but looks so inviting! 

Here's a better image of the one from House Beautiful.  This garden room is huge, but she did such an amazing job of making it feel cozy.  I love all of the seating and that birdcage.  I need a birdcage somewhere in my abode. 

Love this entry! The wallpaper, the giant botanicals, the bench.  It's so bright and pretty.

And, of course, a bedroom (I can't not include a bedroom).  I love the white walls and the soft color palette.  Something about pleated lamp shades makes me happy.  It's a little detail that I always appreciate.  Does anyone know where I can get pleated lamp shades that aren't $500?

I like her style a lot.  This is one lady I'll be setting up a Google Alert for.  Just kidding that's totally creepy.  But I will be sure to look for more of her spaces in the glossies!

To see more visit Margaret Kirkland Interiors (you'll be glad ya did)


  1. Great minds think alike, the minute I saw that heavenly room I had to google her and her talent. She has such beautiful classic love love it! Thanks for featuring her. And thank you for yesterday, everyone loved and enjoyed your post as I knew they would. It was my pleasure!

  2. She is super talented from what I am seeing here! Love that she is so young and so traditional! I certainly understand about loving something and yet being able to live with it! It makes perfect sense to me! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I poured over HB last evening and zeroed in on this particular designer. I haven't made it to her website so thank you for the pretty.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  4. Beautiful. I love how light and airy everything is, not a name I know so glad to find out about her.


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