Suzeday Tuesday: Vignettes III

Thank you soo much for all of your sweet comments on the new house pics.  I can take no credit for any of the prettiness of the house since it was there when we bought it, but I'm excited to play with it and share all of my crazy whims with y'all! On the advice of The Suze, I'm leaving things as they are for a moment and living with it.  Nothing in this house needs to be changed for safety, health or mental health reasons so I want to make sure I get to know the house and make thoughtful choices before I do anything. 

Speaking of The Suze, it's been awhile since I've done a Suzeday Tuesday post.  (For new readers who are all "who's The Suze?" see here and then here).  The Suze has not provided me with any house porn lately, although she did rip out every page of this month's House Beautiful before she realized she could have just kept the entire magazine.  Anyway, I'm bringing you some more blue and white pics I took while I was in Dallas.  I stayed on the couch most of my trip because I threw out my back whilst moving big boxes and picking up my 2 year-old as he practiced his dead-weight fall (anyone familiar with that?) It was good to recharge before our big move-in day.


Edward is thinking about touching the dog, but he knows it's a "mommy's toy" or a "mustn't touch." Still it's so shiny and tempting and it's a dog! Maybe it wants to be pet.  Just one touch.  I love to watch his little mind work, especially when he's up to no good. 

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have some front door pics for y'all! That is one thing I will be changing right off the bat.  Have a lovely day!


  1. Love all the blue and white at Suze home. I too am a blue and white person. Just lovely pictures. I have been following you Jennifer, and so excited and thrilled that you are now in your new home. What fun you will have decorating it for the holidays and making it special!

  2. Love all the pics is the last one with your sweet son. I live outside of Dallas - do you live in Texas or out of state?

  3. I LOVE all your blue and white. I just posted our new great room and it is filled with alot of blue and white, so you might like to stop over....PLEASE!!!!!!!! Would love to know what you think. I sure wish I could meet "the Suze", I think we are kindred spirits:):) And probably close in age. I just got home from the Dr. I threw MY back out too, with this move and was in so much pain I couldn't handle it anymore. Loved this post. XO, Pinky

  4. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Tell The Suze we love what shes doing!! Right up my alley....of course love all the blue and white and each and every vignette is picture perfect.
    Thanks for sharing...and a huge CONGRATS to you. Going back to check on your previous post!


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