Sissy's (Kinda) Big Girl Room

Morning y'all! How's your morning going? I've already been yelled at for not getting the pancakes made and on the table quick enough.  So sorry King Edward.  Soo sorry.

Anyway, a couple of months ago my middle sissy, Elizabeth, asked me to help her with her big girl bedroom (you can see the original post here).  She's not totally a big girl because she's only 22 and to me that's basically still a baby.  I knew she wanted a happy but relaxing room to rest her tired dogs after a day of hustlin' in the popsicle industry (she works for a delicious popsicle company called GoodPops). So here's the moodboard from the original post:

Well, she sent me some pics of her room, and while it still needs a headboard and maybe some window treatments, I think it looks pretty great! 

 She used some sort of panorama app to take these pics.  She's a tech nerd and knows all the cool stuff the young kids are using these days.

It's kind of fun to see it all come together.  I love that it's so light and girly.  She has a few pieces that are really nice and will move on with her (like that snakeskin bar cart/side table), but there are also some budget pieces that will allow for her changing tastes as she becomes a grown-up. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing these! Have a lovely day y'all! 

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  1. Okay, where did she get that golden retriever stuffed animal?? I have the exact same one and I'm pretty sure Matt or Chris had one growing up, too. I'm thinking maybe our moms bought those together or something...funny!

    Cute room, btw! Love the pillows!


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