On Display, On Display, On Display

each and everyday, everyday, everyday * 

{this is glamorous}

When it comes to displaying items in the kitchen, I prefer nearly bare countertops.  I like maybe a tiny vignette, a vase of flowers or a candle, but I really feel most at ease when my kitchen has everything put away.  It's why I could never have open shelving in my kitchen.  I like it in other kitchens and I don't mind looking at it, I just can't live with it.

These kitchens have the right idea (they're also huge, which helps)

Walter Lane Cabinetmaker via Boston Design Group

Pacific Peninsula Group

However, the reality is, I'm also super lazy and find myself leaving things out because "I might need them later."  Things slowly accumulate and then I find myself with Ramona crazy eyes, angrily putting things away and muttering nonsense under my breath like, "nothing in this house is ever put away, why is everything always out, where is my chapstick?"

I'm determined to keep my kitchen clean and beautiful and clutter free in the new house.

That being said, I spied some containers I've had my eye on in a little shop called Cabinets and Drawers Chez Suze.

Given my old lady problems, my ability to shop 'til I drop for new house stuff that I don't really need is severely limited.  Kip is probably doing a happy dance right now.  So instead I am going around my mom's house and taking things off her hands.  I've been eyeing these jars for years, so I was super excited to see she had put these away to make room for her latest fancies.  When she decides to switch things up, I swoop in and take them. (I will also be taking most of the blue and white stuff you see piled behind it.) The genius part is it's free.

Here they are again:

I love them.  They will be one of the few things I will put on display (on display, on display) in the new kitchen.

And just because this is the world's longest post, I'll give you a little peek at our new kitchen.  It's got a lot of wallpaper, which I actually really like, but you can see why I really want to keep it simple.  These are pics I took from the inspection.  It looks way better and brighter in person, and the gray cabinets are a much prettier color than what shows up in the photos.  I may eventually want an all white kitchen, but I'm going to enjoy this for awhile.

Ok y'all, I have to go do something with my life now.  Be back tomorrow with my 20-something sissy's big girl room!

Have a lovely day! 

* I'm a huge fan of J.Lo Melissa Gorga.  


  1. I am extremely envious of your new kitchen. EXTREMELY. Toile wallpaper?!? I mean...I can't...so jealous.

  2. OMG I need more pictures! I love that kitchen I can't wait to see how you decorate. I actually like the gray but is the wallpaper black or blue?
    BTW I will be happy to fly from Haverford to come help you take things off your mom's hands.

  3. Love, love, love the title of your post!!! Your kitchen is beautiful- the wallpaper is really pretty. Looking forward to all your posts to come.

  4. Your new kitchen is gorgeous..cannot wait to see what you do with it! Its going to be fun watching your journey unfold and your examples above are also stunning!

  5. I am right behind you 100%! There is nothing I hate more than clutter…especially in the kitchen! I don't like appliances sitting out and I certainly couldn't live with open shelving! Your kitchen is lovely! I'm so glad I got to see this post!

  6. Love the new kitchen. Nice and big, and I LOVE the Palladian window above the stove. BTW, I think you've been watching too many Real Housewives shows. (Just kidding. I like Melissa, too, but Teresa? Ugh…. Can't wait for the next installment of the RHONJ reunion show. Things are getting seriously crazy over there.)

  7. I'm not usually a gray color person, but that kitchen is fabulous. I may be a convert!

  8. Love the name of this post :) Beautiful kitchen!


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