Oh Heyy Y'all! (New House Pics)

Helllooooo! Is anyone still out there? It feels like it's been months since I last blogged!

After what has literally been months of waiting, we're finally in the new house and fairly settled for having only been here a week.  The house is semi-navigable and most of the boxes are unpacked.  It's funny moving into a new house because not only do you have to organize all of your stuff in the new space, but you also have to get to know it on such a basic level - understand how it flows, get to know the creeks and sounds, figure out the easiest route to get from one place to another, learn how the light filters through the windows at different times of the day.  It's all very fascinating to me and I'm taking in everything. 

I have to say I'm so in love with our new house.  The previous owners are the type of people who liked to do things the right way - little things, like placing a strip of outlets under the upper cabinets of the kitchen so there are no outlets in the back splash or placing dimmers on all of the lights.  They built the house and lived in it for over 20 years and it's clear they loved it very much and took great care of it.  I really appreciate that.  I feel like this house was meant for us in so many ways and I'm just in a state of total bliss now that we're finally here. 

Soo I snapped a few pictures for y'all of some of my favorite moments so far.  Some of the pics I've already shared on my Facebook page, but most are ones I snapped quickly this morning with my iPhone so they're like sooo not professional.  Also, Blogger is making it very difficult for me to organize my photos so they're in kind of a random order.  Okay, herewego ....

Here's a glimpse of the front of the house:

 I'm considering Farrow & Ball Hague Blue for the front door.  I have a couple of other colors I might try as well.  That'll be a post. 

Ok so I posted this Instagram right after we moved in.  Obviously, we need a new tray for the ottoman and I'm hoping to have the couches re-stuffed and slipcovered sometime in the near future.  

Here's a non-Instagrammed pic with added pillows and sconces.  The pillows are a bit wrinkled.  I sat on them.  

Wrinkled pillow pic #2.  In order from front to back: Sanderson Pagoda Cushion Covers from this Etsy shopIvory Jute Braid Pillow from Pottery Barn; Vintage Ticking Stripe Euro Sham also from Pottery Barn.

This is the extent of my fashion blogging.  I have no explanation for this, but I totally blame my sister.  She finds things like this and buys them.  But you can see the powder room wallpaper, which I thought I would get rid of, but now I love it.  

Another pic I Instagrammed.  This is a glimpse of our master bedroom.  The pelmet boxes are staying and I think I may even keep the fabric.  The walls are sort of a beige-y green so I plan on painting them either white or pale gray.  That'll also be a post.  Our bedroom needs some work, but I love the view out of the window.  

I love this little moment at my kitchen sink.  The whole kitchen and hearth room is covered in toile.  There are also lots of windows with plantation shutters.  I totally stole the chinoiserie cachepot from The Suze.  I love looking at it every morning. 

I also love the new buffalo check bowl my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday.  It's a perfect centerpiece for the long table we have in our kitchen.  I want to get some dried boxwoods for either side of the bowl.  The colors look black and white here, but both the bowl and the wallpaper are dark navy.  I totally thought the wallpaper was black and white until we moved in.  Me, a blue and white lover, didn't even recognize blue and white when it was staring me in the face.  I'm embarrassed.  

Back to the family room.  Keeping the mantle simple for now.  I'm trying to be very thoughtful about everything I put out and up on the walls.  This is not a house that requires lots of stuff on the walls to hide flaws so I'm embracing that for now.   The chaise is the last thing I thought would be in the family room, but the movers couldn't get it down to the basement.  I kind of works.  Probs needs a slipcover too. The scale of things isn't as extreme as it looks in this picture.  Like the ginger jars look tiny and the chair looks humongous. It's not that extreme in person.  We also need curtains over those windows, since we can see right into the neighbors' family room.  It's awkward. The Suze suggested a linen panel with scalloped trim.  Genius.  Doing it.*  Also, Reagan, our dog, is making herself right at home.  I figure most guests won't be sitting in that chair.  There's no way to elegantly get in or out. 

*I need a curtain/slipcover sewer person in KC.  Any suggestions?

 Gorgeous fall view out our front window.

Dining room.  Love the color green on the walls. It often looks gray (or is it grey?).  I hope to one day have hardwoods in there.

Back to the kitchen.  We have a fireplace.  I. Know.  Those are the chairs from Restoration Hardware.  They're not in front of the fireplace because the long table is right behind it.  It's sort of a crowded little TV nook, but I believe we will use it a lot once we get a little table. 

The nursery wallpaper is so beautiful.  I'm in love.

 Finally, a view of part of our back yard.  It's just so heavenly.

Whew! That was long.  Probably playing with door colors this afternoon.  Hope you enjoyed the little impromptu house tour.  I'll try to use my big girl camera next time. 

So glad to be back!



  1. You have an absolutely beautiful home!

  2. The house is beautiful-congratulations! I know you will have so much fun playing with it. It will be like Christmas morning every day!

  3. What a beautiful house! I love it. I LOVE the toile in the kitchen and the keeping room!

    I do not know of a person in KC, but check out the blog, Mrs. Blandings, she lives in KC and knows everyone and everything about the city. She may be able to offer some help.


  4. Hi Jennifer... I sat down to write a blog for tomorrow and here I am looking at your pictures and experiencing sheer house envy. If I looked at your house and only saw the kitchen - that would be it for me ... true love. Never mind how beautiful the rest of the house is... and I love, love, the outside. The awnings are to die for. Looks like the house was truly loved by the original owners. I wish you much health and happiness in your new home. Looking forward to seeing lots more pics!

  5. Your new home is gorgeous! And, I am amazed that you are so IN. We moved in 2 weeks ago today and still have boxes around. Mainly pictures for the walls now though. And we are getting them up. At the moment my hubby is hanging the ceiling fan in the great room. You are so fortunate that the previous owners had such GREAT and compatible taste!!! LOVE the toile. XO, Pinky

  6. I LOVE it! I look forward to many, many more posts about the new place!

  7. What a lovely home...so charming! I could totally relate to how you feel about the house was meant for you all. We moved into our home in June & it was also built & lived in for 24 yrs by the same owners. The husband was an architect & added some wonderful design elements to the exterior. We feel so fortunate to call it our home. I wish you much love & happiness in your new dwelling

  8. Wonderful to be settled a bit? I can't wait to see how you make the house your own. I do love the wallpaper in your son's nursery, just darling!

  9. I loooooooove your new house. It's beautiful!

  10. I love it and so happy to see your excitement.I bet you can't wait to add your personal touches.I love the basil behind the sink and the windows are to die for.New homes are so eciting many blessings.

  11. Wow!! Its simply and classically beautiful Jennifer, a ginormous congrats to you! Looks like Edward feels right at home......you can see the previous owners had great taste so lucky you that theres little you feel compellled to change, always a great thing! Love the nursery paper, dining room color, kitchen toile and the curb appeal.....very elegant! Wishing you many many years of happiness and love in this beautiful new home!

  12. Just "found" your blog. I love it and your new house!


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