My Bum is on the Swedish

Who remembers Lonely Swedish (The Bum Bum Song)?  The one by Tom Green created for The Tom Green Show?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Ok, now I'm embarrassed.  That was what was going through my head when I was looking at the pretty Swedish-style home by Carol Glasser Interiors.  I pray Miss Glasser never reads this.  I have no idea why my brain works the way it does. 

Anyway, after singing The Bum Bum Song in my head for a few minutes and laughing at myself, I then started thinking "ooohhh pretty!"  The thing I love about this style is how edited it is.  It works well in Houston because it's a cooler feel (and Houston's hot).  I feel like it would be a little harder to pull off in the Midwest, but I'm referring to it as a study in holding back, which I'm trying to do in the new house. 


I love all of the chandeliers and oil paintings, and I particularly love the pink room with all of the chairs (as well as the blue room duh).  What do y'all think?

* Btdubs, I know y'all are wondering about Bieber.  It was everything I hoped it would be and more! Bieber is legit, but I've said that from day one.  He has awesome dance moves. Two things: first, we clearly didn't get the memo on the tutus.  Everyone had on tutus and Bieber shirts.  They were also 12, but still, it's something we should've know about beforehand.  Second, no line at the bar.  My friends' husband joked about that before the show, but for realz, we were the only people at the bar during the show.  Again, most of the attendees couldn't see over the bar, so that was a win for us.  We danced hard and somebody's dad was filming us so there may be YouTube video footage out there of us experiencing the Bieber Fever.  Overall, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  A Bieber Heart beat :)


  1. Hysterical about the Beiber concert, I am doing a visual and finding it quite funny. So we should be on the lookout for a bunch of adults at a Beiber concert rocking "like nobody's business" going viral soon! LOL........beautiful the soft colors, the lines, the painted furniture, the checks..its all gorgeous!

  2. OMG, the Bum Bum song....I just died. I LOVED that song so much, I am going to youtube it now. It was really a breakthrough in comedy....for realz.

    As for Biebs, I agree, the visual of the concert......amazing. I see you 2 heads taller than the tutus ordering shirley temples, bellying up to the bar, getting a vodka neat, cherries and grenadine flying through the air as you make your way back to your seat. Made. My. Day.

  3. Dining room with red textiles is gorgous! I love red accessoires :)

  4. ZOMG YOU GOT TO SEE THE BIEBERRRRRR!!!!! I am so jealous. Le Husband thinks he is a talentless hack but HE IS WRONG.

  5. be still my heart on the old aged-down fireplace mantle and board behind it. Loved the blue and checked furniture room. Northeast Texas is hot too so I think this will work up here too. Love your blog.


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