Moving is Not for Out-of-Shape Ladies (like myself)

Hey y'all! It's been a couple of days, since I've checked in on the old blog.  Can I tell you what I'm doing right now? Sitting on The Suze's sofa.

I've been here for about four days.

At first I was just recovering from the exhaustion of having a sick toddler, packing, moving and driving 8 hours.  But then, I slept funny and woke up with my right shoulder about an inch higher than my left shoulder thanks to some massive knots and muscle spasms.  I have never had anything like this happen and it's making me feel every bit the 30ish years I am about to be.  I mean, 30ish isn't even old, but I'm starting to feel old and that's not a good thing.

So all of my plans to shop and play outside with Edward have been put on hold so I can rest my aching back. I need to be in tip top shape for the big move-in/unpacking day next Monday, and right now I can barely hold my own child.  You can see into our house from the street when the drapes are open and I am now a permanent fixture of the interior decor.  Me on the sofa, a heating pad, white cheddar popcorn and any Real Housewives that Bravo is airing*

This is my view from the sofa.

So pretty right?  Our house always looks slightly different when I come home, but I think it looks the best it's ever looked this visit.  I'll try to take a few non-Instagram pics.  I have a couple posts I'm going to try to work on this week, so hopefully I'll be checking in before we move in to the new house!

Also, we have our pup with us, so there are three big dogs in the house.  Clearly, my dog has no problem making herself at home here.

Hope y'all have a lovely day!

* RHONJ fans, did you cry as hard as I did during the reunion?? When Theresa tried to turn the conversation from Jacqueline's child's autism to herself, I decided she's officially off-the-rails crazy.  I mean, INSANE.  I also felt like I was being hit with a baseball bat when they showed the footage of Jacqueline's son.  Serious, heaving, ugly sobs.  I was not expecting it to get so real and I had to go hug my Edward.  Ugh, I'm teary just thinking about it.


  1. OK not only do we have blue and white in common then I find out we both love RHONJ (well all of them if I am to be honest) and now white cheddar popcorn???!!!! This is too much! We could be great friends:)
    You must rest have to be well for the big day. But in the meantime, your view is awfully pretty and I think I might have a hard time budging too......just saying.
    And toxic Teresa? Seroiusly there are NO words...she is downright scary. She in my humble opinion should be illegal.Enough said...feel better.

  2. Ha! Your pup looks supremely happy!

  3. Love your post! Hope you are feeling better soon. That dog of yours looks so comfy! I think Theresa, Ramona, and Sonja should all check in to a funny farm!!!I would give my right arm to have lunch with Andy Cohen and listen to what he really thinks of the whole bunch! Love your blog even more now that we have the RHO everywhere in common.

  4. More pictures please! I love your mom, puppy, house, baby, view, tv habits.
    The reunion was crazy. I ready the blogs and posts and I can't believe people actually think Teresa is great and hasn't done anything wrong. I wish AC and Bravo would just air 24 hour footage of everything, I know I would watch it.
    Feel better soon, it could also be stress.


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