Have a Lovely Weekend!

Y'all are THE BEST READERS EVEEEERRRRRR! (said in Oprah's voice) Seriously, I loved all the feedback and paint color names.  The overwhelming majority of y'all loved the Hague Blue and one reader suggested I do what I love, which is that blue door with the blue and white pots.  That makes so much sense it just might work.  

I guess my concern with the Hague Blue is that it will look too dark.  It really just depends on how the light is hitting the house. I'm going to play around with some of your color suggestions this weekend and if I don't find anything better, I'm going with the Hague Blue.  As another reader said, it's only paint!  Thank y'all so much for all of your feedback and nice comments. 

Okay y'all, check out Lonny October 2012 here.  It's one of my favorite issues yet, and features Charlotte Moss's Manhattan Office (the two images shown above and more!)  Also here's a bit of trivia, Lonny cover girl, artist Mary Nelson Sinclair, could probably trace her first glimpses of fantastic taste and artistic ability back to her preschool days, where she was taught by THE SUZE.  That's right.  The Suze is no doubt responsible for producing many a young tastemaker from her preschool classroom. 

Ok, so check out Lonny, but first, check out some linkies.

Another gorgeous door in a fab color

If I could have anything from the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, it would be THIS
Ahh it would be a dream come true.   

I'm not a huge inspirational quotes pinner, but I found this one to be so true

I had this wine the other night with some girlfriends and we all agreed it was delicious 
and the perfect wine to give a mother at her two year-old's birthday party

Jenny reviewed a can opener and it's legit.  I need a new can opener real bad.

I would give anything to be this neat and organized.  It's just not in my nature.

Another fabulous Philip Shutze house

And this horse stable turned cottage is pretty fabulous as well

This stew will likely be on the stove this weekend

I made this Easy Garlic Chicken last night.  It was gewd! 
I added a little soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce as well as a few red pepper flakes to the garlic & olive oil

Can we just FF to Christmas?  I hate Halloween decor.  

Last weekend, my brother and sister slinged GoodPop popsicles at Austin City Limits.   
You can see my brother also danced.  Looks like it was fun! 
I hope we get these popsicles in KC soon! They are yummy!

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  1. I love the wall color in those pictures!!
    I saw a clip on Good Morning America that Nieman Marcus and Target are collaborating on some items for Christmas. I need the dessert plates they showed.
    We just bought one of those side-opening can openers. We had 2 regular can opens- neither of which worked well at all. Then I sliced my finger, so they got recycled and we bought the side opener on Sunday. It's a little tricky to use, but it actually works and I haven't injured myself yet.


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