Have a Lovely Weekend!

Charlotte Barnes via The Handbook Authority

How fab is that balloon shaded nook?? I also love the subtle color palette of this room.  Very pretty! Speaking of color, I just ordered the paint color for our new front door. Picking out this color has been about as agonizing as picking out a nail polish color when I get my nails done.  I usually pick out four or five colors in similar shades before I decide to go with something completely different.  That's what I did here.

I posted the new color on my facebook page along with a sneak peek of the front of our new house! It's not a color I had originally considered for the front door, but one I've used before on other projects and loved.  Once it popped into my head as a potential door color, I was like, "oh duh." Anyway, Monday is moving day!!! I may not have internet for awhile so posting will be spotty again.  If I can try to schedule a few posts ahead of time, I will.

Here are some linkies for you, because ... it's you I like ...

This image inspired my door color decision

I'm going to have to pick up some of these cute Hadley 4" mini-bowls for ice cream on the new patio

My sis and I ate lunch at Dallas' East Hampton Sandwich Co in Snider Plaza
I fell in love with the fresh design of the space and the sandwiches were pretty great, too!

Clearly, I need a subscription to Vogue Living Australia

I will take one of each of these books please

And this one with the pretty cover

I will also take this "French cottage" decorated by Suzanne Kasler, please and thank you

A Shutze house - an architect near and dear to my heart

I'm in love with this playhouse makeover from the amazing Jenny Komenda

I plan on monogramming everything that's not living in the new house - these are beautiful inspiration

Love this nursery

Invisible Furniture
Where is it? I don't know. I don't know. 
(Old SNL skit.  Real old.)

Ode to the modern advancements in toilet paper dispensering (is that a word? I mean, I don't really care)
over > under

I would be happy living in any of these attics

I have a jacket fetish - considering this peplum number only $62!

I'm thinking of ordering a boatload of linen and going slipcover crazy mmmkay?


  1. HI, love that charlotte barnes rooms -- I agree the colors are lovely. Also love your front door choice -- and I am looking to paint mine too! I did a post on the colors which you can see here if you'd like: http://sybariticspaces.blogspot.com/2012_08_01_archive.html

    Thanks for sharing the great links! : ) Mal


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