You're missing out

The Battery in Charleston

... and I'm missing out.  I was supposed to be in Charleston yesterday, but Edward came down with an ugly virus and I couldn't leave his sad little fevered face.  I'm hoping to still make it out there for the weekend, but it all depends on how many snuggles the little man needs today.

Now, the reason I say you're missing out is because you are ... if you're not my Facebook friend.  The next few weeks are going to be super busy and so when I'm not able to get a good blog post up, I plan on keeping up with y'all on Facebook because I can do it from my phone.

Here are some of the things you may have missed:

A yummy casserole recipe.

Paint chip ideas.

My trip to Tuesday Morning with The Suze.

And lots of silly things The Suze says and does while visiting me in Kansas City.  

I know, super important.

I'm totally being pathetic here and begging for friends, but I love being able to interact with y'all more than just me putting stuff out there and forgetting that anybody reads it.  Because I do forget that people might actually read my silly old blog.  Also, sometimes people ask me questions on posts, anonymously, so I have no way of answering.  So that's my pitch!  

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  1. your paint chips, the navy is so rich! And of course creamy white is de rigeour in my house! That Charleston picture is STUNNING!

  2. I literally laugh out loud sometimes when I read your posts. Like LOL. love your blog!

  3. You are so funny - loving your colors!!


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