Pale Pink Bedroom Love

* image via Wall Street Journal; Marella Agnelli's bedroom; design by Alberto Pinto; photograph by Eric Boman; see here for the original article.

It's no secret I desperately want to paint something pink in the new house.  I love the way it's used in the bedroom above.  It's so warm and when combined with neutral colors and lots of textures, the pink doesn't look too froo froo.  Don't get me wrong, I love froo froo, but I have a husband who definitely does not.  I've been trying to get Kip to envision a library in this color with cream bookcases, a big leather chesterfield sofa, brass hardware and light fixtures and our piano.  I think were I go wrong is actually saying the word, "pink." I'm thinking I should go with the more deceptive descriptive "warm, glowy tannish."


  1. Such a beautiful color. I had a really pale pink room as a teenager which I never liked, as an adult though I think a really light pink is beautiful.

  2. THis is almost identical to the way I painted my single-gal/post-college bedroom. (Benjamin Moore Love and Happiness). This has a smidge more tan/khaki to it, which I LOVE. Now I want to paint our bedroom pink again :)

  3. That is pretty. I love the way people look in a pink painted room- xo Diana

  4. HMMN, NEVER thought to paint a room pink. May have to rethink that.....


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