Paint Color I Need: Narragansett Green

* Design by Barbara Westbrook for 2012 Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House & Gardens

This is kind of the opposite of the glowy pink bedroom of yesterday, but I love it equally.  It's just soo rich.  I have bedrooms on the brain since that's the room we'll focus on first when we move into the new house (accept we're really not focusing on it because we went out and bought those Restoration Hardware chairs for the kitchen and now I'm on double secret probation with house-buying stuff). But I love this color -  Benjamin Moore Narragansett Green.  I also love the balance of the masculine and feminine in the room.  It's just gewd.

Maybe I need to rename this the Belclaire House Bedroom Blog or the Belclaire House I'm Losing My Mind Not Being Able To Fully Furnish A House I Have Yet To Inhabit And I Need To Paint Something Now Blog.  Only 38 more days (Ramona crazy eyes).


  1. Totally obsessed with dark green paint. This room is fabulous!

  2. When I saw that room a few days ago, I did a double take and my heart started beating faster.....sooooo gorgeous. SO rich, I brainstormed to see if one of boys could get their arms twisted to paint their rooms that color, its a LOVE for me!

  3. This definitely would have been a room that was nice but I would never have stopped and looked. But then I did. I LOVE the rug, *I want that for my living room* (*-* means pops into my head )and then I notice the desk and mirror in the corner, *nice, where can I do that*. Then the apple green cushions. Now I am a blue and white girl also but suddenly I see that color everywhere and wonder again to myself, *where could I do that? *Then the fireplace, *why don't I have one and huge white wood like that?* The four poster bed *they always look so nice in rooms, would it in mine?* Finally the paint, *I bet that wold be very soothing at night, should I go darker in mine?*
    So one picture just made me have a conversation with myself, silently, and wonder if this could be done before my husband got home tonight. HAHA thanks.

  4. Gorgeous room, however I am allergic to dark green. Five years of a Catholic school uniform in that hue will ruin it for a person.


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