Oh Hi!

Oh Hi! Hi!

That's what Edward says when I catch him getting into something he shouldn't be getting into.  It's actually fairly genius because it throws me off for a second, which is just long enough for him to move away from whatever it is he's not supposed to be playing with i.e. Daddy's telescope, candle wax, Mommy's shoes, scissors.

As much as I'm on his case, it's time for me to give myself a big "no ma'am" for all of the procrastinating I have been doing.  I just realized I have about a week to get myself, my family and my house ready for the move.  I'm clearly in denial, which is weird because I'm so excited! So today my goal is to get at least five boxes packed and cleanse my mind of any potential house decorating until we move in.  Okay, just kidding on the last part.  That's like telling me not to breathe air.

But first, I wanted to share this lovely farmhouse bedroom and sitting area from my favorite Dallas interior designer, Cathy Kincaid.  I was poking around her website looking for inspiration and this caught my eye because of the black and white striped awnings peeking through the windows - our new house has similar awnings and I love the extra layer it adds to the interiors.

So many textures and colors and patterns and yet it all feels so relaxing.  This bedroom is giving me lots of inspiration for the new house.  Okay y'all, off to pack.

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  1. So beautiful - would love to see more. Happy packing!!


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