Lulu's Listing: Katharine Hepburn's Former Estate in Saybrook, CT

I know that many of y'all were concerned when you found out my littlest sissy, Laura (whom I affectionately call Lulu), just up and left us for college.  Did that mean no more Lulu's listings?  Would her studies get in the way of her bringing us fabulous real estate listings with pretty interiors?  I admit, I was worried and I thought it was pretty selfish of her to just leave us like that.  But then I got an email from her with the subject line: "pretty house!!" Two exclamation marks!! I knew it would be good.

And it is.

Behold.  Katharine Hepburn's Former Estate in Saybrook, CT.
In the 1930s and 1940s, Howard Hughes used to land his sea plane right in front of this house.  Apparently, you can too.  

According to the Sotheby's listing:

In 2005, New York Builder Frank Sciame embarked on a complete renovation of the property. Bringing to bear his experience restoring some of New York City's greatest landmarks including the New York Public Library and St. Patrick's Cathedral, he oversaw the project which included raising the structure five feet to protect it from the Long Island Sound. All new systems were installed, and the historic structure was seamlessly augmented to create light-filled rooms while preserving the historical integrity of the structure.
For more info, you can view the listing here.

I love that kind of history in a home.  I would buy a house just for those bragging rights.

Thank you, Sissy Lulu!


  1. This is breathtaking! It would be a dream come true to live in something like this let alone the fact that Katherine Hepburn lived there! Such glamour! I would love to hear the stories a house like that could tell! Thanks for sharing Lulu's listing today! Loved it!

  2. Oh, to lie in that bed or sit on that porch and see the ocean..............what a dream. The house looks like it has been lovingly restored. Just beautiful.


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