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I never made it to Charleston.  Wamp wump.  Instead I've been in a state of perpetual snuggle with my fevered child.  He's very unhappy about it, too.  Poor little guy.  So the above picture is the best I can do.  One of my favorite styles most associated with Charleston- the Charleston Single House - or as I call them, sideways houses.  They were designed to maximize air flow and breeze-catching in the days before air conditioning.  It's a style I've always loved. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to tootle around the city and Instagram sideways house pics for my Facebook page so y'all could envy all the fun I'm having.  I had big plans y'all.  Big plans! 

So next week, I really won't have time to blog.  Here's my schedule: 

  • Monday: Edward's 2nd Birthday! 
  • Tuesday: Pack the entire house (literally, we have like 4 boxes packed) 
  • Wednesday: Move out (don't mess around)
  • Thursday: Maybe drive to Dallas with The Suze, the dog and the toddler 
  • Friday: or maybe we'll wait until Friday 
So enjoy these linkies for the weekend, and if you want to be part of all of the moving chaos, I will try and update y'all on mah Facebook page

I'm all about having a custom vintage monogram made for the new house

This kitchen is yes

The Suze's own personal Heaven

Phoebe Howard's Top Ten New Design Books in 2012 

ends tonight

I had no idea I loved cremone bolts

will be useful in the new house

Love me some elephants

More elephants to love 

I love casseroles in the fall and this enchilada lasagna recipe looks delish

More superfabulous tips from Leta Austin Foster

My brother and I were obsessed with Wee Sing Togetherwhen we were little.  
Get it for your kids if you want to get stuff done.  
Edward has watched it 45 times in the last 48 hours 

Ok Mr. Sikes, you win, 'tis The Best of The Best
This is why you're my best friend in my head

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