What I did yesterday

I judged.  

I'm talking to you Restoration Hardware.  

We're considering two of the Lyon Chairs to go on either side of our fireplace in the kitchen/hearth room.  My in-laws have them and they're very cozy and pretty so we might just be big ole' copycats and go get some for ourselves.  

This, but in grayish tones. 

We need something simple because our kitchen is wall to wall toile.  We have a gorgeous long pine table that seats ten.  I don't know if these will clash with the pine.  I don't like matchy furniture, but I definitely want to keep the space simple since it will be a high traffic area.

So Edward and I ventured down to the Plaza to have lunch with a friend and do some shopping. We popped into RH to check out this chair and to see if there are any other pieces we might like.  Well, the minute I stepped into the dark and gloomy, deconstructed, happiness-free space that is the new Restoration Hardware, I just wanted to cry.  It's gone completely off the rails.  Where's my silver sage? I know, I know, the business has experienced a remarkable turn-around with their new "'do," but I don't like it.  It's too much or rather too little.  Basically, they had four things in the store that they highlighted with dramatic overhead lighting.  Edward didn't like it either.  He told me.  He said, "no mama, I'm scared, me no like the new Restoration Hardware." What? He did! 

I just had to get that out there.  And now because I've sufficiently depressed myself with this whole post, I'm going to end with a nice little dose of Mario Buatta.  The opposite of RH.  

I'm thinking our new house will be somewhere in between the two styles.  Ha!

I'm going to spend some time today catching up on my blog comments because I've been the worst.  I love all of your comments and appreciate y'all so much! I hope you have a lovely day! 

P.S. I wonder how this news will affect the new RH?

Photos of Mario Buatta's design from House and Garden's Best in Decoration, by The Editors of House and Garden, Conde Nast,  1987 via The Blue Remembered Hills


  1. I noticed the same change at RH a while back and was disgusted. Now I don't even want to walk into the store and I rarely open the catalogue. Boo hoo but I love those chairs.

  2. Thank you- I thought I was the only one that was feeling that way about RH. I don't like the NEW look at all. I like change and look forward to it but this? Too much! xo Diana

  3. I love love love those chairs! Do it!! They are one of the few things left in there that I do love. I guess I like my furniture fully upholstered :-)

  4. You are not the first to notice how drab RH seems to appear, I lost interest in them long ago and just don't care for their reinvention of timeless looks on overdrive, too much of a good thing in some cases. A lot of their recent looks to me are ridiculous and so contrived and just way too trendy. This is what happens when companies do not stay true to who they are...hope they get back to their roots, definitely a happier more uplifting vibe than what it is now. Happy decorating......

  5. I'm looking at buying this chair used. Supposedly they are only 4 months old, but they want $795.00 for them and that is the cost of them. They say they spent 895.00. I don't see that online. I really like them, but they are just for a seating area that is not regularly used. Would like to get them for half. How much would you pay for them used?

    1. Hmm maybe they are a more expensive fabric? We got ours during a 30% off sale and I definitely wouldn't have paid more. We sit on ours a lot and they've held up pretty well. My only complaint is they aren't level so they kind of rock. I'd maybe offer them $500 and see if they take it!

    2. Jennifer, Thanks. I'll check and see if they are still around in a couple of weeks and open it at $400.00 and see if she is willing to negotiate. I checked the fabric its common fabric.


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