Tootles Y'all!

Mary Mcdonald via The Pink Pagoda
I love this so much! I mean, I pretty much love a cluster of blue and white jars and pots anywhere.  I can't think of one time where I'm like, oh no not another grouping of ginger jars.  If that ever gets old, well then Belclaire House will be out of business and that would be kind of sad.  Don't worry, I will probably never stop blogging.  I like to talk to much. 

Veronica Beard

Anyway, I'm heading out of town again, hence the title.  I know, I'm such a jetsetter (not really).  I'm heading to Tuscaloosa to visit my sister as she goes through her last few days of rush (oy vey).  I'm sure I'll be tweeting so you can keep up with me on the twit.  Other than that I probably won't be posting until next week sometime.  So sorry. So sorry. 

Janet Simon via thefoodogatemyhomework

I'm sad to leave my little munchkin, especially since yesterday was one of those days where I just couldn't get anything right. Edward let me know it because he's almost two and really has no filter. It's all emotion with him.  We may have had to cut our grocery store trip short, leaving without groceries.  Soo I'm hoping to get it right today so Edward will think of me fondly while I'm gone.* 

* As I'm typing this Edward is having a mental breakdown over a car that he wanted, that I gave him, but I don't think he realizes it yet.  

Robert Couterier

Hope the totally random, flowery images make up for it (all random pins of late).

Ok y'all, have a lovely weekend! 


  1. I will miss you so much. I look forward to your post every week day, I also can't stand the weekend when you don't post. Have fun.

  2. Safe travels...that first picture, LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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