Puddles of Blue

Morning y'all! Back from 'bama and had to spend all day yesterday snuggling my little man whom I missed terribly.  Tuscaloosa is such a cute town and I left my sister knowing she was going to have an amazing four years (five if she's smart ... hey, there's nothing wrong with a little victory lap people).  As I mentioned before, she's an interior design major and I'm hoping to get her on here to guest blog.  She already has such a distinctive style, think soft and elegant yet cozy, and I'm so excited to see how it grows in the next four years!

Onto decor bidness.  I was catching up on blog reading yesterday and I came across this image of blue taffeta curtains on Cote de Texas:

and I died.  

And then I came back to life. 

I love the look of extra long blouncy (it's not a word) silk or taffeta drapes that puddle on the floor.  It's a look The Suze used and still uses in our house growing up, but I first saw it on a smaller scale when I stayed in the New Orleans apartment of a friend of a friend.  She was in her 20s and we were in high school and I think it was her first big girl apartment.  It was a small one bedroom decorated in all white, and she had these big white silk drapes in her living room that pooled at the bottom.  I was obsessed.  I still am.  




Megan Young Designs

I'm thinking of adding this look to my bedroom in the new house.  Specifically, pale blue silk taffeta drapes against white walls.  The owners are leaving some pelmet boxes for us that are covered in a pink toile so the question is do I recover them in something like a white or blue velvet (see below) and let the taffeta flow from underneath them or get rid of them all together?  Thoughts? 

via this is glamourous


  1. I think when pooled drapes are done correctly, they are smashingly fabulous. When they are done incorrectly, it's like an assault on the eyeballs. I wish I knew where everyone in NOLA got their lessons in pooled drapes, because they definitely do it up right!!

  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous. I love them all- And they are all "done right". xo Diana

  3. I love silk draperies that puddle...so elegant...

  4. You get my vote..and yes blouncy is a great word, so lets let it become official to those of us who "get it" (wink). I love soft billowy drapes that puddle at least 5-6 inches on the floor.....sooo beautiful!!

  5. I went to UA and majored in interior design too. She will love it. Roll Tide!

  6. The long drape style of those curtains is so lovely, although I always worry they would get very dirty (little kids treading on the ends) and dusty!


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