Moodboard Monday: Dorm Room

Morning y'all!  Welp, my littlest sissy, Laura of Lulu's Listing fame, left for college last Thursday.  She was five when I left for college and even though we're 14 years apart, we've always been super close.  I still think of her as she was the day I left for Mizzou so this is kind of weird.  I'm so excited for her because I know that the next four years (+1 victory lap if you're smart) are the most fun ever.  The Suze and my dad will officially be empty nesters so if any of my readers are empty nesting and have any advice to pass along, I know they'd appreciate it.

On to the moodboards.  Laura is going to school at University of Alabama for interior design and put together the cutest dorm room, which she said I could share with you as soon as she got a few more pieces.  In an effort to live vicariously through her and her college experience, I put together two dorm room inspiration boards, then I went and took shots of Captain Morgan's before I put on my red sequins halter top* and black pants (black pants were huge in college), the perfect outfit to wear to Quinton's and Tonic for Martini Madness and a dance-off under the disco ball.  Wait.  Where am I?  What's going on?  Sorry, I got lost in the nostalgia of someone else's college experience definitely not my own.  I mean, who drinks Captain Morgans?  hahahahahahahahahah uhhh ...

* I actually did not own a red sequins halter top, but my roommate did and when she brought it out, I knew it was going to be a fun night.  I'm also pretty sure only people who went to Mizzou will understand any of this.  

I could've done 12 moodboards but I kept it to two.  Similar elements: simple bed that doesn't take long to make, baskets for storage, fun desk accessories since that's where one will spend most of their time (and hopefully not in da club) and the beginning of a blue and white collection.  They're both super girly because I was super girly in college.

{Sources: white duvet / monogrammed euro sham / geometric purple pillowikat rug / Paul Marrot dusty rose reproduction / blue and white ming ginger pots / plaid throw / spotted tray / blue coral wastebasket / large seagrass basket / purple vase / boxwood topiary / monogrammed acrylic pencil cup}

{Sources: white duvet / leopard pillows / pink flokati rug / blue and white pot / gold lacquer tray / lacquer pencil box / pink pens / white mini vase / plaid throwparis hot air balloon photograph / louis ghost chair}

Which one do y'all like?  I know, they're not very budget friendly.  I can do budget (oh boy can I do budget), but I thought it would be fun to throw a few fancy things in there for the fancy girl who likes to collect nice things.  It's never too early to start accumulating pretty things you like, right?  

I'm going to see if I can dig up a few pictures of my college rooms.  I have to look through actual photos that are in a box (I know, I'm soo old).  Alright y'all, enjoy your Monday!


  1. love itt!!! miss you and cant wait to see you!!!

  2. I like dorm room #1 the best. It could easily transition to sorority house, first apartment etc. However, my dorm room at Chapel Hill was so ugly, I am not sure that anything would have made it attractive! I can't wait to see your sister's space.

  3. these are both fantastic, can't pick which one I like better!

    here's something to make your blue and white loving heart happy -- I went off to college with a blue and white chinoise-inspired Ralph Lauren bedspread -- it was so awesome! I still like the look of it, from what I can remember. (my ma was so sad I was leaving she went a little crazy in the college purchasing dept :)

  4. Oh- what beautiful chintz! I love the blue and white-it is just gorgeous- xo Diana

  5. Love both rooms. Btw, is little sis going to stop stalking cool real estate listings now that she's off to Roll Tide country? Hope not!

  6. Dreamy & Girly. Cannot resist ikat. Roll Tide!

  7. I am catching up here and love the dorm room ideas (Little Bug needs an extra curtain), but I just wanted to add that I STILL have that red sequin halter top and I'm making my future daughter wear it one day when she goes to college at Bama because that top was a magical one.


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