Let's All Go to London ...

Because it's probably not 105 DEGREES yo.  Edward is literally bouncing off the walls. Lit-rally (said in Rachel Zoe's voice).  We've also had to cut him off from his beloved Kung-Fu Panda after I found myself saying, "hugs not hits" and "kisses not kicks" all day long.  I know.  I know.  I want to punch myself in the head for those, but they kind of work.  When I'm all "no you may not have the scissors," Edward will raise his hand at me in frustration then finish with a hug rather than a slap so I consider my superannoying mom-tras a success. Success (said in Borat's voice?).*

Ok, enough about real life.  Let's move on to fantasy life.  Today I came across this fab London space by Rose Uniacke.  I figured it's appropriate since, you know, the Olympics are in London and everything.  (P.S. Last night was soo goood. USA!)  Anyway, it's just such an elegant, well-done space that's very different from my own froofy, flowery more-is-more tendencies.

So cool.

You can find more of her work here.

*apologies to the fabulous Rosie Uniacke for what I'm sure is one of the weirdest introductions to her work.  I so hope she never reads this.


  1. SO gorgeous....I love the color palette throughout and of course the scale is very grand dahling (think Queen Elizabeths voice here given we are in London) :)
    Thanks for sharing and I am sure if Rosie ever moseys on over here she will be enthralled and flattered!

  2. Very beautiful. I like to see larger planked wood floors. It gives such a rustic appearance.

  3. Beautiful home. I've never heard of her but will click on your link and check out her work. This home is really wonderful in its simplicity.

  4. I instantly felt cool and calm looking at these photos!! :)

  5. Loved this house!! Stunning--the plaster work is point on!!


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