I Need a Hobby

... like I need a hole in my head, but I happened to pick up my mother-in-law's Ehrman Tapestry needlepoint catalog and saw this Blue Willow pattern pillow and momentarily considered taking up needlepoint.  

Then I realized that a hobby of the needle variety is basically a death-trap for Edward.*  

*It's amazing the awful scenarios you can dream up in your head when you become a mother.  It must be some biological defense mechanism, but I can literally imagine the worst and obsess over it for days.  This is why I don't watch the news and made the switch to GMA - Today likes to get all graphic on me without warning.  But really, is that normal or should I be medicated? 

So for now I'm content to pick out some patterns and pretend it's something I'll eventually do.  

Cat in a Ruff

Heyy cat! Edward loves cats so I would make this for him.  He would love it until his friends came over and made fun of it, then he would hate me.  See what I just did?  Anyway, I like the cat/needlepoint combo and think it would be fun in the right kind of space (i.e. one that does not include doilies or Precious Moments figurines).

Charleston Summer
Love the florals.  I'm picturing it on a chintzy floral chair to enhance the flowery experience. 

Enchanted Forest
Whimsical and Christmas sweater-y.  Again, would be cute in the right kind of space.

Indian Elephant Blue
Love me some elephants.

New England Gentleman

This guy is judging you, which is why I like him.  

That's all.  


  1. I love those! The floral one is beautiful. I want the judgey man pillow for my office. When my clients are ridiculous, I'll just point to the pillow.

    I'm not a mother so I don't know if those thoughts are normal, but I also made the switch from The Today Show to GMA. My switch is mainly because I'm mad at and disappointed in Matt Lauer, but also because they seem to have more fun on GMA.

  2. These are just amazing!! Love the blue willow pillow. I might need to order for my mom so she can make it for me! Ha ha.

  3. Those are pretty, especially love the first one...duh!

  4. Oh my goodness - Alright, so, I started a needlepoint Christmas stocking after my son was born and I am still working on it (almost done!). He is about to turn 5....... mmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm! Five years on the same little stocking! Kind of tempted to order the blue willow pillow to start when I finish. Maybe I will have that done by the time he gets married. ;)


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