Have a Lovely Weekend!

Morning y'all! Lots of random links for you this weekend, but they're all good! Two weeks worth, since I missed last Friday so I hope this makes up for my absence.  If you missed my guest post at Belle on Heels, you should definitely head over there and check out my favorite blue and white bedrooms, including the superfabawesome bedroom pictured.  I mean normally, I'm all, "white sheets are a moral imperative blah blah blah," but I love this bedroom, especially the sheets.  Soo very well then, I contradict myself.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 

Chintz lives!

This butterfly bedding is sweet for a little girls room

Two purchases from Old Navy this week that I lurve:
Polka-dot lightweight cardigan and spotted flats
apparently, spots are the new stripes in my closet 

The best lasagna recipe ever!!
made it for a friend this week - so yum!

My birthday is in two months and I need this book.
Mom, Kip, anyone, you can pre-order it here 

The Everygirl's ten favorite Ikea finds

The possible inspiration for the blue willow china pattern? (plus lots of blue & white)
and a lovely shout out :) 

This Hunger Games Honest Movie Trailer is hilarious and spot on

18 Minute Ritual that might make you more productive?

I'm obsessed with May Books

I'm also obsessed with these camera straps

Amazing kid party idea courtesy of The Bachelorette Emily

Love a good before and after (update: whoops! fixed the link now)

Remember the Oregon Trail?

Finally, what's up Al Roker?
Full Disclosure: I made the switch to GMA. Yep.


  1. Love it all! That lasagna look amazingly yum. Thanks again for guest posting!

  2. Love the bed, have to say I ordered a few May books and before it was even in my bag for 2 days, all the design started wiping off!! I was soo bummed because they are great, I just emailed them this morning. A little nervous because I ordered some for gifts, hopefully its just this one. Best lasagna recipe ever huh? I am heading over!

  3. Thanks for the link love, Babe!


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