Moodboard Monday: New Master Bedroom

Morning y'all! Over the weekend I found two pillows in this gorgeous blue and white Sanderson Pagoda River Fabric.  When I laid my eyeballs on this beautiful chinoiserie, I knew it was the perfect starting point for the new master bedroom.  I imagine it was like when Tom Cruise first met Katie Holmes and said to himself, "she's the one, for the next five years." Praise Xenu.  Finally.  A direction.  Most of you know I've been struggling with what to do for awhile.  

So I fashioned a nice little inspiration board to help me come up with a scheme.

We are basically starting from scratch in this room.  The sellers are giving us the headboard that you can't really see in the image (I know, they're super awesome).  It's really pretty carved wood. They are also leaving the cornices which I may recover with white linen and line with pretty blue trim.  As you can see above we have a sitting room as well (pinch me!) The walls are covered in a navy blue wallpaper that isn't bad but I'd love to paint it all minty blue.

Like this library belonging to Ali Wentworth & George Stephanopoulos:

So that's where I am in my head.

Have a lovely Monday!

P.S. We need a new washing machine.  Any recs? I know nothing about washers and I can guarantee you anything will be better than what we have at the moment.  Thanks!!


  1. Nice board you have going so far. If your like me Im sure you will get new inspiration a few times before its all over. On the washer, we have whirlpool front loads (dont mess with steam washer unless you have allergies) and my parents have Samsung front loads. Both work great and have had no problems. The most difficult part is choosing a color. We ended up with white since it goes with everything, my parents went with a deep cheery red which I love after seeing it.

  2. Oh my goodness those pillows are incredible!! That's a fabric I haven't seen and I love it! We have Samsung washer and dryer in a cherry red that I'm not tired of at all after 3 years. We haven't had any problems with either.

  3. OK, sso WHERE did you find PILLOWS with this amazing fabric????? Please share as I am planning on doing our new guest room in blue and white. XO, Pinky

  4. Oh I loooove your moodboard. The wallpaper is fabulous!!


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