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Morning y'all! I'm so glad to be back to the blog.  We had such a fun time in Sea Island.  As I've mentioned before it's my happy place.  It's a lot different for me now because I have a toddler.  Where I used to bring 4 books to the beach and alternate after each chapter, I now spend a lot of time in the kid's pool negotiating toy swaps and soothing Edward's tears as he realizes everyone in the pool has cooler toys than he does.  I also didn't gain the requisite 5 - 7 lbs that I usually gain on this trip since I spent quite a bit of time chasing the munchkin.  He's fast y'all!

Ok lots of pictures mainly of Edward! If you follow me on Instagram you've seen these, but since there's only a few of y'all I'm going to repost them here.  (I have my Instagram set to private on account of all of the Edward pics I take, sometimes nakey.)  Also, I forgot my big girl camera battery so all I had was my iPhone. boo.

I had to make sure I packed the following items: Finn MicMissile, "cellphone" (just a piece of foam that Edward uses to call his Dad when he's out of town - this despite having two actual play cellphones and an iPod Touch), dinosaur, "Bus-Car" - they go together, always, and train.  How did I end up with a boy again? 

The marsh view from our house was beautiful.  Unfortunately, it didn't last.  The first night we were there a tiny (huge) mouse ran over The Suze's foot and sent all of us flying on top of the furniture.  The Suze hates mice more than anything in the world.  Now, it is not widely talked about, but I would venture to guess that most Sea Island homes have had a mouse or two.  It's part of the deal, but The Cloister, nonetheless, pretended to be absolutely horrified and moved us to a gorgeous beach front condo.  They were beyond accommodating and helpful! Here are a few more pics I snapped of the house though: 

I swear, my mom or grandmother had that bathroom wallpaper.  The bedrooms were all "80s Suze Style."  It was like going back to the house I grew up in.  I loved it! I also loved that nothing in the house was too precious.  I mean, it's a beach house!

The marsh view really is gorgeous and soothing.

In case Edward ever decides to go to Georgia. 

Edward loved the beach! He walked a good mile by himself (or at least he thought, I was behind him).  The kid has an amazing amount of energy and loves to wander.

He also loved the ice cream shop at the beach club. (sorry for the blur) 


He was completely overwhelmed by the toy store in town.

These are the beach club residences where we ultimately stayed.  There is nothing bad to say about these places.  They are perfect.  

Ours was beach front, and I loved that Edward could go outside and play on the balcony without getting out.  

Edward knows a good view when he sees one.  

Edward was beyond excited for the Fourth of July.

I had to take a screen shot of the photo my sister captured of Edward's Fourth of July tat.  It didn't last long but was kind of hilarious.  He was very confused. 

Bingo night.  OOOOO clickety-click 66! I'm not even going to try to explain.

My sister and Billy Bingo - he's sleeping.  

Fourth of July outfit #1.

 Fourth of July outfit #2.  (ignore the missing button) 

Pretty decor at The Lodge.  Loved the burl wood table, velvet chairs, needlepoint pillows and leather chesterfield.  Very masculine.  Edward was clearly uninterested.

One of the bedrooms in our condo.  The curtains were seersucker! 

Pretty blue and white in our condo living area.  

Then there's the magnificent Cloister.  It's stunning.

Loved this pillow sofa combo at The Cloister.

Edward's last walk out to the beach before we left.  He opted for no pants, which is a great way to go when it's 105.

The worst part of our trip is having to leave.  I already want to go back.  

Hope y'all enjoyed my millions of pics of Edward! I tried to sneak some decor in there as well.  Hopefully, I can get back into the swing of things and have some pretty decor posts for you this week! I mean, I hardly even pinned on this trip.  I know, right?? 


  1. pretty much sums up our trip!! love it! I miss the little munchkin!

  2. Looks like a great time. I see the grey goose was a featured shot, and a few pictures later you had glass in hand so I can only assume you were enjoying yourself!

  3. Looks like such fun...that Edward is so cute, looks like he approved of the vacation too!
    Its so pretty there, and I remember the 'toy swap negotiater days" I was an absolute master.....like all the kids ran when they saw me coming and clung onto their GI Joes and model cars like they were gold:) Fun fun fun..miss all those days, enjoy and savor it!

  4. Edward is soso cute!! I had to look at the photos twice!! Reminds me when my Matthew now 23 was that age!! I am glad you had so much fun!! Leslie


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