Have a Loverly Weekend!

I cannot believe it's already Friday! I'm having a yellow moment.  Love a classic yellow and white stripe poolside.  I had a lovely week with my husband's family, and we have absolutely nothing going on this hot July weekend.  I should enjoy it as things are about to get crazy around here.  Lots of trips coming up and packing for the big move.  For some reason I'm feeling antsy, like I need to do something or spend some money.  Perhaps, it's the heat getting to me.  I need activity ideas.  Go! (but first check out these links)

My good friend and fabulous Chicago Photographer Giana Sitzes just had a beautiful baby girl - the story behind her name is nothing short of a miracle.  It will give you goosebumples.

My other good friend and Dallas Wedding Planner Paige Chenault is performing her own miracles for homeless children through The Birthday Party Project - and it's fabulous!!  

I loved this Raleigh House Tour via Mrs. Meares - lots of blue & white, LOTS of fun

Obsessed with these lacquer trays

Oh wait, duh, I'll be watching The Olympics this weekend!

How cute is the US Olympic swim team?!


  1. I'm so excited for the Olympics! http://thisislifeatourhome.blogspot.com/2012/07/let-games-begin.html

  2. That video is soooo cute. I have to share it..they do America proud. And that GORGEOUS pool setting up there...OMG PERFECTION!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Headed off to give a few of your features a look-see. xo Diana


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