Have a Lovely Weekend!

Here's an oldie but goodie from The Suzeday Files.  It looks like a nice respite from the heat.  Next week it's supposed to be over 105 for at least three days! Yikes! I love the heat and it really doesn't bother me, but anything over 105 is just plain dangerous for everyone. Edward has taken to running laps around the house every 20 minutes or so, and the dog just sits and stares at me with her heart-melting intense laser beam puppy dog eyes.  If I had half of Edward's energy and a quarter of the dog's ability to focus on one thing, I would probably be trying out for the Olympics right now.

On another note, I found my iPhone in the middle of an intersection at the end of my street last night (thanks to Find My iPhone).  I must have left it on the hood of the car or something.  It's slightly cracked, but otherwise still works and my blue and white iPhone case from The Pink Pagoda made it through the whole ordeal unscathed.  So that's all for me.  Ready for the weekend.  Enjoy some linkies:

Considering Farrow & Ball Arsenic for our new front door. 

Here it is on a store front - I love it! 

My friend created a Tour de France inspired playlist for her spin class.  
It's motivating me to start working out again.  I miss it so much! 

Edward thought this video of a girl and a lion was soo funny.
I thought it was sweet and a little scurry

A great roundup of white clapboard houses - my fave!

A whole post devoted to elephants - another fave!

Apparently, I love the work of Lee Ann Thornton because I love every image in this post.

I'm going to try this gussied up frozen ravioli recipe next week.

Tracery Interiors gives us their favorite white paint colors.
They do some of my favorite white rooms ever 

I love Jamie Meares' new feature "What's So Special About This Room?"

The Art of Packing by Louis Vuitton

Loved this post on making friends as an adult
read the article & watch the video 

P.S.  I got the "butterflysparkles" text!  The joy it gave me to picture Kip typing it into his phone was more than enough to get me through the three hours I was spending at the DMV.  I would show you a screen shot for evidence, but I made up an inappropriate rap song about the city in which the DMV is located and I can't edit it out, so just take my word for it ;) 


  1. Several things:
    Which iPhone case do you have: the barely there or the tough?
    That ravioli is totally on my to-make list next week.
    Love the front door paint color!!


  2. I hate the weekends when you don't post. Have a great one in this heat. Here in PA we have gone through the heat wave and am so glad it is over now. At one point my pool was 93 degrees. When you went in it felt like boiling water. YUCK!

  3. Beautiful room.....crazy about the iphone, amazing that its still "alive". Visited a few of your links..must say the rehearsal dinner was DREAMY!! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring our Rehearsal dinner here! I had several comments from your readers and I really appreciate the link. Have a great weekend!


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