Have a Lovely Weekend Y'all!

via Pinterest (sorry) 

How much fun does that look?! Total genius move there.  I hope to have some fun this weekend.  We've been exhausted and sick this week and have been stuck in doors.  My friend Jenny at MFAMB posted this week about how summer isn't the same as it used to be, carefree and easy and a time to use your imagination (you can read it here, it will leave you nostalgic for your childhood summers).  So this picture is for her because I know she likes pools where the grass meets the water and because I don't want her to stop blogging altogether.  Her post also made me grateful for the neighborhood we live in.  Say what you will about Kansas City (I used to think very little of it before I visited), but it is a wonderful place to live and to raise your kids.  Even though we're technically in the 'burbs we're still only about 10 - 15 minutes from downtown.  Our new neighborhood has a farm with a ladder on the fence so the kids can climb over and play (as long as there's no cows) and I see kids playing outside and walking up and down the street as late as 9 o'clock at night.  It's one of my favorite things about summer here! Anyway, I hope y'all have a chance to get outdoors and swim or play.  If you find yourself stuck inside, check out my totally random links for this week:

THANK YOU for all of the advice on the chandelier sitch! Y'all are the best! I'm thinking of going to Goodwill to find some brass stuff on which to practice different techniques. 

 I'm intrigued by this technique I found on (where else?) Pinterest - they had me at french. 

I have been using this night cream since I got back from Sea Island and it's a miracle worker! 

Beautiful description of a summer dream escape when life gets hectic. 
plus one of my favorite blue and white rooms 

Cookie monster singing call me maybe = special bonding moment between Edward and me 

only the most perfectest post ever 

P.S. I just have to document this somewhere, but Edward saw a cat for the the first time the other day (at least I'm pretty sure it was the first time judging by his reaction) and he literally started laughing hysterically like an old man, like shoulders shaking up and down, deep guffaw.  


  1. I guess that picture is only good if the girl doesnt land on the others? Thanks for sharing some fav's. Have a good weekend!

  2. Wow I have never seen that!! It looks way more fun than a diving board!!


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