Grace Kelly, 1955 via The Handbook Authority

It's going to be 106 today.  This is what I imagine I look like when it's 106.  I don't sweat. I just glow.  That's all.  Sorry for the lameness, but Grace Kelly's beauty is all I have to offer today.  Because it's supposed to be 106. Oh, I am offering a giveaway today.  An energetic toddler.  All you have to do is comment and I will give him to you.  He comes free with a copy of Kung Fu Panda and a leash.  Just kidding.  Kinda.


  1. So funny.. Lol! Mine are in college. It's true, you will miss it so.. embrace the moment (when you can!)

    Btw she is gorgeous, great pic!

    Stay cool!

  2. I will enter the contest, but what's the return policy. LOL.....Grace, the one the only....somehow its hard to imagine her perspiring even in 106!
    Stay cool...and here I was complaining about our measly 94!

  3. Lucky when it's hot I sweat really hard.



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