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Peter Pennoyer Architects via Tartanscot

Garden Room Style via The Peak of Chic

Mario Buatta

Winfield House

Winfield House

The writing room at Ditchley Park, the home of Nancy Lancaster

Elsie de Wolfe

de Gournay

You know what's not fancy?  The t-shirt I'm wearing, that I also wore yesterday and the night before.  I know.  But I think I have the strep - totally self-diagnosed, when you become a mom, you become a doctor.  We also have a neighbor whose house alarm goes off every night at 1 and again at 3.  It's been going on for two weeks and we can't figure out who it is because it only lasts about 10 minutes - not long enough to get dressed and walk up and down the block.  I sort of want to pay a college kid to do a stake out because there's no way I can stay up until 1 a.m.  I could pay him in Pizza Rolls and Jagermeister.  I wonder if the people who own these rooms have ever had Pizza Rolls? Probs not.   

Have a lovely day! 


  1. Several here that I really like, the second is good as well as the third. Some of the others like the first are great, but a little over the top for me. Hope you get to feeling better and that things quiet down!

  2. These are FAN-SAY. And I didn't know Jagermeister is still a thing. That de Gournay bathroom is lovely!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Oh my...strep. Sounds like you need some rest. Especially if that alarm is going off every night. Night-mare!

    And, I think you're right....fancy folks have probably never had Pizza Rolls. Sad for them. :)
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. Oh you poor thing! My son is also sick with strep and its not fun for him (or me playing nurse 24/7) Get some antibiotics.....these rooms are quite specatcular, and fancy, and fabulous and frou frou and all that jazz. Pizza rolls rock and you are NEVER too old for them.......end of story!

  5. Sometimes more is just more.

  6. style is so wonderful , This is fantastic, gorgeous , Awesome pictures
    Parfum pas cher


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