Fab Pool House

* images via The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Blue and White done goooood.  Real Gewd. 

I have a sore throat, swollen glands and an earache today so this is like Heaven for me.  It's so weird that this is not my pool house.  It's also weird that I'm 31 and have an earache.


  1. This is a great pool house, although I only see a tree? Love the colors and see that it features one of my new favorite things, black doors and windows. Could spend all day inside. Hope you feel better soon ( You have a year on me, but I think its part of aging?)

  2. My favorite colors! Sorry to hear you are not feeling your best. Lots of tea!

    First time visiting and will look forward to exploring your blog!


  3. Love it! So elegant and pretty....I could call it home. My son is also sick, step (so be careful) fever, aches and pains..and yours truly is playing nursemaid hence my lack of absence in blogland. Love this and hope you feel better!

  4. Sorry for all the weirdness and that you have an earache...but I love this pool house- I could move in and LIVE there- xo Diana


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