Designery Things I Like, Part Deux ...

Morning y'all! Super random post today.  Just some things I like here and there.

I love the light fixtures in this blue and white kitchen.

Suellen Gregory via Haus and Home

Love the fresh colors and mix of patterns in this bedroom by the fabulous Phoebe Howard.

Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper

I cannot stop thinking about this lemon sorbet color paired with cream.  It reminds me of the Lemon Love Notes my mom used to make.  This room looks so delicious and happy and elegant (although I'd take the wheels off of that chaise).

via The Handbook Authority

I absolutely love this ping pong table situation happening at the 2012 Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House.

Urban Grace Interiors via The Chipper Chickie

I tried to explain this idea to Kip and he was all, "but how do you know where the lines are?"  To me those lines are irrelevant t unless you're a professional ping pong player.  Just bounce the ball back and forth and if it falls off the table you lose.  No? 

Finally, this lovely vignette from Absolutely Beautiful Things, one of my favorite blogs.  Blogger and Interior Designer Anna Spiro owns the boutique Black & Spiro in Brisbane, Australia and her blog alone has me dying to visit.  I love everything she designs.

Speaking of Australia, have you ever heard of anyone visiting and not liking it? I mean, I'm pretty sure no on ever in the history of the world has been like, "hmm Australia, not my favorite." Just an observation.  I would love to go there some day. 

Okay y'all, have a lovely day! 


  1. How cool is that beach house!! FInally one that would fit in with my decor:) Have always liked that first kitchen ever since I laid eyes on it..and agree great light fixtures!

  2. That kitchen is soooo DROOL-worthy!!

  3. I am NOT a good flyer so Australia will NOT be happening for me:)

  4. Very nice lights fixtures in that top photo and I love the blue and white.



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