'Tis the Season for Hydrangeas ...

Unlike Madonna, I absolutely love hydrangeas. They're blooming all over my neighborhood and it makes me incredibly happy.  Want to know where they're not blooming?  My house.  I think it's a soil composition thing.  Actually, I have no idea.  I just made that up, but I think that's what Kip said.  Hopefully, we can revive them soon! Our new house has a long row of hydrangeas along one side of the back yard.  They bloomed after we signed the contract so I was first made aware of them at the inspection.  They were so beautiful, I almost cried!  Did you know you can manipulate the color of hydrangeas? I want to make our new ones blue next year.  Ok that's all for today.  Lots to do! xo


  1. That You Tube was hysterical! WHO hates hydrangeas??
    Your images are beautiful.
    Mine have not bloomed yet.
    They are loaded with buds, so I am hopeful!
    I did hear that if you put a copper penny
    by the roots, you will have a deeper blue.
    I haven't tried it. It seems easy.
    I do know that Aluminum Sulfate,
    which can be purchased at a garden shop
    is the official way to do it!!
    at a garden shop

  2. Love the photos. Our hydrangeas are a little off this year due to a late spring freeze that stopped them in their tracks. They are catching up now but will be a little late. We have two pots about the size of the ones in the last picture that we are growing hydrandeas in so that we can flank the front door of our new home when it is compelte. Will share when it gets to that point in about a year! Love your blog, stop by ours if you have time. Maybe it would be something you would want to follow since we seem to be thinking along the same lines.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Hydrangeas are one of my favorites as well...right behind peonies. Luckily, Hydrangeas bloom for much longer. Pennies don't work unless you have old ones (That were actually made of copper). Aluminum Sulfate works quite well. I dissolve some in water around the base of my bushes in early/mid spring, and have beautiful coneflower blue blooms.

  4. I don't love Madonna, but I do love hydrangea in every shape and form. I miss the vast variety of them that I had when I lived in NY, so I am doing my best to grow them here in SW FL. Ain't easy...but I need them for flower arrangements. Your images are lovely and they are all going on my Pinterest boards. Thanks.

  5. I think my rule about not trusting people that don't like dogs just got expanded to include not trusting those that don't like hydrangeas!

  6. One of my favorite flowers, just wish I knew how to get them from changing colors on me! Funny about Madonna, never cared for her much and now I really don't get her since she doesn't like hydrangeas, haha.


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