Three Years ...

Three years ago today, I married my soul mate.  It was the best day of my life.  He's the most amazing man, husband and father, and, sometimes, if I take a moment to think about it, I'll get a little teary over it all.  He's the reason I believe that there's always hope.  Before I met him, things just wouldn't go my way no matter what I did.  Like for years.  It wasn't awful, but I didn't realize how good things could be.  Then I took some time to listen to that voice deep inside, God, my angels, my heart, the universe whatever you want to call it and suddenly I was moved in a direction that led me to him.  A weird and scary direction that involved moving away from all of my family and friends, but for some reason I knew I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.  Since then I've experienced small miracles and big ones (Edward) and my life is filled with so much joy and love.  There was clearly a bigger plan for me (and probably still is), but I know that plan includes Kip from here on out and that makes me the happiest person alive.  I love you Mister! Happy Anniversary!

{See more of our wedding here and here}


  1. Happy 3rd anniversary! It is our third anniversary too and I share your sweet sentiments to your hubs!

  2. Happy Anniversary...have a glorious year.

  3. Congratulations to both of you.

  4. That is so sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Now this is incredibly sweet, it nearly brought tears to MY eyes! You make a beautiful couple and the love you obviously share is just plain ol endearing and makes me mushy and gushy, wishing you many many more years of wedded bliss (and a playmate for Edward perhaps)? :)

  6. Very very sweet, congratulations to all 3 of you! I have just first time visited your blog as I saw it on Tina's blog (: and I read her all the time. Well, I decided to comment on this anniversary post, as it is touching and similar to my story....we will be having our 4th anniversary this year and our little boy is almost 3 (:
    As I feel the same about the following your instincts and the biggest miracle there is... our son, giving all the best to you and I will probably keep visiting your postings... hugs Z


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