The Suze Reviews (with booze) ~ Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors

Morning Y'all! Today, I have a book review for you.  Well, actually, I asked The Suze to do a little review after I poured her a couple glasses of wine.*   She happened to be in town when the book Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors arrived on my doorstep and the style of decor I found within the pages was very suited to The Suze's style - elegant interiors with luxurious decor.  That's not to say it's not my style, because it definitely will be when I am of a certain tax bracket, but I just knew she would love it so I had her take a look first.

* Just kidding it was one glass (two glasses) of wine, but it makes it funnier to pretend she was buzzed (to use her lingo)

Let me preface this by saying The Suze is not so much the "talker" that I can be, especially when she is deeply engrossed in the magical world of interior design books.  She's in the zone, muttering observations under her breath and occasionally gasping.  She sits taller when she looks at these books and raises her eyebrows and nods as if she's agreeing with everything on the page.  It's a sight we are accustomed to in our household.

So here we are in my kitchen, The Suze has opened the book even though I've told her to wait until after dinner (she never listens to me).  Her words are in italics. Go.

I really like it (quietly to herself)

I really like this.  Sometimes less is best, but not less quality.  It's the yin and the yang.  They (no one in particular) usually don't get it right like this.  

(The Suze flips through the pages slowly, ignoring her wine - good sign)

I actually like it a lot.  This is getting it.  I really like it.  

I really like this Dick Van Dyke chaise.  It's a nice addition to seating.  But my family would Dick Van Dyke it.  (Then she laughs because she realizes she has no idea what that means)

(upon seeing an adult beverage somewhere on a page) Oh good! She likes to drink! 

Pretty, pretty! This is well-balanced.  I wish I could find another word.  

Love it! I could live there.  I really love that! 

I LOVE this! It makes me feel weak.  It's very, very sophisticated and very, just good. 

I need a thesaurus (pronounced tesaurus)

She's going to give what's her name a run for her money. Who? Oh you know, what is her name?  You know her.  

Then she got distracted trying to remember the name of the person whose work is apparently inferior to that of author Leslie Sinclair and her team at Segreto Finishes.  And thus ends The Suze Reviews (with booze).  Hope you enjoyed it!

But really y'all,  Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors is a beautiful book.  I never thought I was one for decorative painting, but this book changed my mind.  It's a great compilation of the different ways one can use decorative finishes in the home. I found so much inspiration for my own new home in the images selected for the book as well as on the Segreto Finishes web site.  Plus there's an extensive list of resources at the end of the book.  That in itself is worth it's weight in gold.  So, yes, The Suze and I totes approve and recommend Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors

You can purchase the Segreto book directly from the web site here or on Amazon here.

Also, check out Leslie Sinclair's blog Segreto: The Secret to Beautiful Living

If you want moi and The Suze to review your book (with booze), call me, maybe


  1. So funny......thanks for the laugh, a good way to start my day! Love the book, Leslie and her team are true craftsmen and the book is chock full of amazing images. GREAT review!!

  2. I like the rooms, I like the decorating, I like the furnishings. What I'm missing is warmth. With the exception of the red and green art, everything seems done in cool colors. On an icy cold Indiana wintry day I would need to do something to make it come alive, but that's just me. Like I mentioned though, love everything else!

  3. Your mom is a very good sport. I love this...I can totally relate to the why I act when looking at a fabulous design book! LOL.


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