Silver Service

Morning y'all! Thanks for letting Edward guest post yesterday.  I actually started three different posts before I eventually gave up and handed the reigns to my rambunctious munchkin.  Today, I would like to share something I'm kinda into lately: silver.  While I love the warm tones of gold and brass especially the way it's been used lately, I'm finding myself drawn to the classic clean look of silver accents.  It also goes great with blue and white!

This is my bit of silver on my family room bookshelves (styled for house showings, so like kinda bare).  The Suze gave us this monogrammed champagne bucket as a wedding gift.  It's one her standard gifts because it was one of her favorite wedding presents.  It's one of those pieces that always reminds me of her.

The Suze loves her some silver, too.

I've shared this picture from The Suze's house before (see Suzeday Tuesday Vignettes).  Silver frames, trays and baby trinkets on display.

I actually chewed on that rattle.  You can see my teeth marks.  Rawr.

Kate Spade via Matchbook Magazine

Clearly, Kate Spade copied The Suze.  I love the look of a collection of small silver frames.  I'm also obsessed with finding silver lamps for  the new house.  Obsessed, I tell ya!

The Fairchild's living room that I've shared a billion time because I'm obsessed. 

Silver lamps via Pinterest 

Southern Accents 
Silver with a patina? or pewter? Whatevs, I like it.  I also like this ridiculous silver chandelier floating in a sea of blue and white heaven.

Axel Vervoordt
And then there's pretty silver accents like in these rooms (the dining room in the new house is the color of the first room so consider me inspired)

Southern Accents

Richard Keith Langham
And silver and lavender in the ladies room.  Love it!

Phoebe Howard

Heirloom Philosophy
This post could go on and on.  I'm sure I'll revisit this obsession later.  Have a lovely day!


  1. I am so in agreement with you today. Love silver, copper, and glass. They all go with everything and add a bit of interest.

  2. I love the old world feel of silver and agree that it has such a clean look to it! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a winning combination! I love the Suze tastes and you clearing have inherited her vast talent.
    The Fairchild image, in fact the entire magazine spread of their home (so sad they divorced) is an all time favorite.

  4. You don't have to convince me...I am a HUGE silver fan. It is soooo beautiful and timelessly elegant!


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