Pinning Pink

I'm not gonna lie, I'm having a brain cramp today and couldn't think of anything to post so I stared at my Pins for awhile.  I'm preoccupied because I'm about to be kicked out of my kitchen for three days, which is way stressful.  But the floors need to be refinished before we put the house on the market or people are going to walk in and be like, "aw naw mayn" (I don't know what kind of people I'm imagining  will be looking through our house, but I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate orange parquet floors).  So anyway, I often think pink when I'm slightly stressed.  As much as I love my blue and white, pink is actually my favorite color.  It's like candy for me.  I just need a little to put me in a great mood.  So I wasn't surprised when I stared at my Pinterest boards and realized I'd been pinning pink for that last few days.

I love this pink wallpaper! Of course, it was on Pinterest and I can't track the source of the image.  If anyone knows what wallpaper this is lemme know!

via here 

I love this gold hippo from High Street Market next to the pink flowers.  I might rename her Jessica (apparently her name is Janet). No, not after my bestie J. Simps, after Jessica the Hippo, the most awesomest pet in the world.

I need this wallpaper in my life.  

Zuber's Decor Chinois via The Downeast Dilettante

Pink Grapefruit Margaritas from Ina Garten, Queen of all things delicious and fab.

Pop of Pink from Pinterest (love the settee and light fixture)

Finally, I can't go too long without a little blue and white.  Love this table setting from a blog called Stone Gable.  Pink peonies make me incredibly happy.   I wonder if Madonna hates peonies, too? 

Ahh, I already feel more relaxed and upbeat! Have a lovely day y'all!


  1. Love the pink wallpaper in the first image. Hope you can figure out the source. I laughed when you mentioned you love blue and white but pink is your favorite color. I've been decorating with shades of red and khaki and my favorite color is blue! I'm taking the leap and making the switch to more blue and white in our home...I just feel better thinking about it.

  2. I like "pops" of pink. I hope being in a pink mood doesnt sway you towards painting a bedroom pink again? Yesterdays images were great too. Loved the clean look and crisp colors. I tried commenting yesterday but my ipad was acting up so I just headed for the laptop today.

  3. Well, for not having much to blog about I think you did a GREAT job- once you got going you had a lot to offer. I know being out of your kitchen for 3 days will be stressful but think how nice it will be when it is done- xo Diana

  4. You had me at the pink grapefruit margarita, man could i use that rigth now!!!!!! Then the pink peonies, were they not sooo gorgeous! Especially with the blue and white! Love love love pink in all its many colors.

  5. oh baby there can NEVER be enough pink. There just can't. Fact.

  6. Love the peonies in the blue and white, so pretty! I love pink, but would never really think to put it in my home in decor just accents here and there.


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