Have a Lovely Weekend!

Morning y'all! My brother posted this picture on Facebook yesterday and I was, like "um yeah, why am I not there?" He's not there either, unfortunately.  This is the kind of place I go to in my head when I'm stressed.  I'm not really that stressed, just anxious to get this house on the market.  Our kitchen floors are almost finished (yeah!).  This morning Edward and I had breakfast on our front steps so we don't make a mess in the house (we sent our dog for a spa weekend while we do the floors and I'll be honest, she's become responsible for cleaning the crumbs off the floors, I know, I'm not proud).  Anyway, it was such a pretty morning and something we probably never would have done had we not been forcibly removed from our kitchen.  Edward is going through a strange muffin phase.  It's all he eats and he demands them regularly.  I'm going through a strange obsessed-with-decorating-my-new-home phase.  I have no time for silly things like cleaning and organizing my current home. So I'll have some more inspiration for you next week.  Until then, dream of crystal blue waters and white sand and enjoy these weekend links:

Remember Crystal Pepsi? I loved that stuff. 

Love this blue and white elephant butter dish from Jonahan Adler

Dear Ina, Please blog more! Love, Moi

I've been using the Piglet app to stay on budget so I can buy all of these fab things I dream about. 

Loved this post on Patricia Herrera Lansing's summer home 

Loved seeing Bailey from Peppermint Bliss's home on Design*Sponge

Also, loved seeing Jenny from MFAMB's awesome bedroom for her adorable daughter, Fiona

If I were ever really, really tiny, I would like to live on Louis Vuitton, too

The Foo Dog Ate My Homework is my new favorite tumblr

This song came on while I was having an ice cream date with Edward - gets me everytime
Yes, I cried in the ice cream shop

Louis Armstrong-What a Wonderful World by redhotjazz


  1. Have a great weekend. I always enjoy your links.

  2. Um obvi I cannot even handle Ina's blogging. It's like too much joy for me. I check it at least 4 times a day.

  3. Always enjoy your funny spin on things....that picture is AWESOME! And no worries I am guilty as well of using Teddy as our human (well kinda human) vacuum cleaner, glad to know I am not alone:) Enjoy your weekend.....

  4. Yup. I always said my dog is the only one who helps me clean! I totally get it. It's so stressful to have a house on the market. I hate when the realtor calls and expects you to get your family out of there at a moment's notice. Here's to it selling fast! xo


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