Have a Lovely Minty Blue Weekend!

Yes, I brought my color card to bed with me.  I'm such a nerd.  I'm having a slight obsession with minty blue.  Basically mint, but more on the blue side than green, so, really, basically pale blue - I know, I know - it's hard to describe, and I do a terrible job.  

Yesterday, I had to run to Lowes to get some cleaning essentials, and, of course, decided that checking out potential front door paint colors would be a better use of my time.  Our new house has a red door, and while I have nothing against red doors on other houses, it's just not me.  I just can't do red.  I love it when other people do it, but I can't live with it in my own home, which is weird because it's like, why can't I just hate it.  Ironically, the real Belclaire House that inspired this blog was cream with dark blue shutters and a red door, which is exactly what I'm getting in a few months! But, alas, I have to be true to myself and I'm seriously considering a pale minty blue front door.

 I found Valspar's Stillness which is a creamy minty pale blue and it's heavenly! I painted a giant foam board so when the time comes I can hold it up to the house rather than testing colors on the door.  I fell asleep last night dreaming of my minty pale blue front door flanked by blue and white pots filled with hydrangeas - I don't know if I can wait 4 months for this house! 

Anyway, now that I've chatted your ear off, enjoy some of these links: 

Valspar's Stillness on the walls of this bedroom
Good News: 
Y'all found some blue and white planters (here and here

Bad News: 
They're between $1000 and $4000 so that's kind of not in my budget yo 
(I know I'm so poor)

Meh News: 
I found some for cheaper, but they're not as pretty (here and here
(Buuut I kinda don't hate the Walmart ones and they may end up in front of my creamy pale minty blue front door) 

Minty Blue Wedding Inspiration

I probs need this mint dress

Baby Elephant Playing Soccer

I love embroidered linens
Budget Tip: you can almost always find Sferra embroidered sheet sets at Tuesday Morning for a steal 

Lots of minty blue door inspiration


  1. I have the Wal*Mart one for one of my orchid plants and it's nice in person. Not quite on the level of what you're looking for, but it does the job. LOVE the paint colors {front doors and nail polish}. And yeah, I may have squealed LOUDLY in my office when I first saw the baby elephant playing soccer. Too much cute.

    Happy weekend!!

  2. You should look at Ross stores...I saw that Wal Mart one there this week for $7.99....it is only about 8 or 9 inches tall....They are hit and miss but they often have some great pots if you catch them just right...! Good luck!

  3. I actually showed my husband this blog post so he wouldn't find me too crazy for bringing a large chuck of marble to bed. Haha!

    And blue minty door totally trumps red door IMO.


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