Designer I Admire: Stephen Shubel

Morning y'all! While i was researching the source of this cozy bedroom last week, I ended up on the website of said bedrooms designer - Stephen Shubel. Apparently, I've liked his work for awhile, I just didn't know it all came from him.  Here are some of my favesies from his portfolio:

Love this fresh palette and the combination of formal with white slipcovers.  So my style.

Hi burl wood nightstand and silver lamp, I want you in my room. 

Pink and red :)

He does know how to do pink, this man.  I love this! 

In Paris, naturally.  

Love everything about this bedroom.  Even the cat, 'cause he's siamese.

I love the window treatments and the long banquette behind the dining table.

Oval island! Makes the room seem bigger.

Again with these window treatments.  Love!


Isn't his work lovely?  I love that even though many of his rooms are formal he adds a touch of whimsy.

Probably won't have a chance to blog tomorrow.  Inspection's at 8:30 am, which shouldn't be a problem because Edward's in the habit of waking me up at 5:00 am.  8:30 am is basically lunch time for us.  Hopefully, everything goes well and we'll be on our way to planning for the new house!


  1. That first room is amazing. I would take it in a heartbeat. The color is great, the molding details are not over the top, even the hardware on the doors. I really like this designer as well; except for that large head they placed in the dining room. I feel I would keep looking over to see if it was watching me.

  2. I wonder inspection for your house or your new house? If the new one put up some more pictures. I am getting very excited over the decorating that is going to go on in that place. Since I am at a stand still in mine.

  3. Yeah, I'm going to need him to come and decorate my place. And I will REQUIRE that oval island.

  4. His work is amazing. Love it all. Jennifer!
    Happy Wednesday.

  5. Great interiors indeed, my fav is the pink wall with red chair, for some reason... and had I never even considred it before (: I absolutely love yellow vanila (not beige ...) quite yellow walls ... in my house I used them as we just moved half a year ago.
    I love the way he uses colour too....the fresh green on first pic makes the room energized instantlyl, all the colours work together even into one house perhaps....I did a provance blue dining room, gray office/ living room, yellow family room, hall and kitchen, different grays in bedroom, green in my son's room, mint blue green in another child bedroom (want another baby soon!). Sorry I am telling you this...but it was quite an important decission to pick the right colour scheme for the whole house ... they all have to work and be in the same saturation & type of colour etc. (I think mine work well) and I love the colours Stephen uses, quite fresh and can I say pastel vibrant (: tones! Beautiful... hugs Z

  6. I can so see why you were captivated by his work.....GORGEOUS!! Love so many images above, thanks for the intro, think I have heard of him but now I am off to see more of his work..talented designer that he is!

  7. Stunning! Each room is just oozing with gorgeousness. Have a fabulous end of the week, Kellie xx

  8. oooh i love all of these pretty pictures!!!


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