Blue & White Inspiration

Morning y'all! Yesterday was crazy.  Lots of people in and out of the house while I hid.  I don't know why I do that when workers come, maybe I'm just trying to get out of the way or maybe it's me being antisocial, but I totally hide.  Edward hides whenever the doorbell rings.  First he screams and then he hides so it must be genetic.  

Anyway, I know I'm supposed to be cleaning and I should be providing you with awesome cleaning tips that I've discovered along the way - maybe in another post.  There's so much blue and white that's been swimming around my brain as I think about the house that won't be mine for four more months, plenty of time to revamp my entire design scheme at least 25 more times.  Here are a couple of living/family rooms that have inspired me over the last few weeks. 

Miss Kathy Sue of Good Life of Design pinned this from Home Bunch and I loved it.  (She's got good pins y'all). I really want to slipcover my tan sofas in white indoor/outdoor fabric and splash it with blue and white pillows.  

And then Sarah from Belle on Heels, reminded me how obsessed with this room I am.  OBSESSED.  Although I do look at the ginger jars and see my diaper clad child taking the lids on and off and on and off while I say no and he laughs.  But, lawdy, I could stare at this image all day long.  

Finally I saw this image on Design Chic, and thought that is my color palette.  Basically, I own a beach house in Kansas City.  Why don't I live at the beach again? Oh, that's right, I have really frizzy hair and I totally ADD'd out and forgot to move there.  My bad.  

Tomorrow I'll share some of my blue and white fabric inspiration.  In the meantime, have a lovely day! 


  1. I have the same hesitations over the giant ginger jars, only related to our dog. Yesterday I was thisclose to pulling the eBay trigger and buying 2 of them and then I was like, "Oh you silly goose, remember your giant, slobbering doggie with the tail that NEVER stops knocking things over?". And then I was very sad.

  2. Love the beautiful blue and white inspiration..keep it coming. I NEVER get enough:) Yep I hear you about the frizzy hair and lets not forget about the state that sandy feet get people like us into...not pretty! But besides that, loooove everything having to do with a beach house, and especially if its has lots of blue and white!

  3. I can never see too many blue and white inspiration images...more please.

  4. I love all the houses but I remember when the ginger jar house was in a magazine for the first time. They both worked for Ralph Lauren at one time and I couldn't get over how great their place was. I loved every thing, every room and even every blade of grass in the outdoor shot with the side porch. I think her name or their name is Fairchild.

  5. The first one is amazing and by far the best. The blue / white combo is not overwhelming, mostly due to the large amount of white used in the room. Sometimes I feel the ratio of white to blue is off and the room becomes more blue with hints of white. That one gets it just right for me.

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    I am exactly the same when I have tradesmen working in the house - I hide!
    I can't bear it when they are here and having just lived in a large 1860's terrace while I renovated it for 2 years drove me CRAZY. I hide in my bedroom and read blogs. Thanks for all your inspiration during this time. Cheers, Victoria

  7. I love every image. These are some of my favorite images....

  8. Love your blog, Jennifer. So happy that I ran across you on Pinterest.

  9. I can NEVER get enough of blue and white. Never! XO, Pinky

  10. These images are divine! I love blue and white!


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