Blue and White Fabric Love

Morning y'all! I got so much done yesterday that I sort of feel like a rock star.  I wiped down all of the trim, doors, light switches and cabinets, which sounds kind of silly but it makes a huge difference (kind of like cleaning your windows).  I also touched up the trim and doors upstairs because I tend to run into things with the laundry basket.  I did manage to dip the bottom inch of my pony tail in the can of paint and then smear it all over my new white t-shirt.  Of course, I didn't realize this for a couple of hours so that's awesome.  

Enough of my cleaning biznis, it's soo boring.  As I clean I'm always thinking blue and white (and sometimes pink, but not today).  These are some of the fabrics I'm considering to get the blue and white family room that yesterday's images inspired.  I'd love your opinions*!  

* The new family room is white with white carpet, which probably won't last, and our sofas are a tan raffia and I'm thinking of adding big white euro shams and some smaller throw pillows in one of these fabrics.  I also want to reupholster some bamboo chairs I have in one of these fabrics as well.  I'll probably try to use the same fabric all around to keep it simple.  Finally, we have a black and white striped awning outside the big window.  There now you have the deets. 

This first fabric is so much cuter in person.  I stumbled upon it while I was meandering through Calico Corners.  It is called Medallion Handprint in Lake and it's currently the front runner**. 

Here's a closer look at the print: 

** UPDATE: after I finished this post, I had a new front runner.  ADD much? (see below) 

I also really liked the idea of this Robert Allen fabric for the bamboo chairs, but I haven't seen it in person.  Yesterday, Our French Inspired Home commented that sometimes the ratio of blue and white is off, preferring more white than blue.  I totally agree.  I definitely want this room to be more white than blue.  

Perhaps I should go with a classic toile instead? 

Like this Toile Orientale (** NEW FRONTRUNNER), 

Or this Grand Toile?

I think I prefer the first toile for the white to blue ratio.  My only concern about the toile is that our kitchen is covered in a black and white toile wallpaper that I plan on keeping for awhile.  The rooms are next to one another, but not necessarily open to each other, but I don't want to be "toile lady." 

Then there's the trusty ikat.  But will I love it in 5 years? Does it matter? 

Ok people, if you've stuck with me to the end of this incredibly long post, then you must be true blue and white fabric lovers.  Tell me what you think!


  1. I prefer the first two choices. If nothing else, stay away from the last one. That hurts my eyes just to look at it.

  2. I like them all, but I agree, the black and white toile in the kitchen might make the blue and white toile seem a bit much. I'm not much help, I'm trying to find blue and white fabric as well. Please continue to do my shopping so I can decide. :-)

  3. Hummm.....truth be told I love them all. If for chairs, I like one of the first two..I LOVE toile but I am getting the feeling you want this to feel more casual, less fussy and you want more white than blue? The blue toile could be a fun accent however. Love your choices, they are all beautiful in all honesty but then again I am a sucker for beautiful blue and white..surprised? I didnt' think so...look forward to seeing what you choose and good job on all that work, superwoman!

  4. Do you happen to know the name of the last ikat?


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