Thomas Britt


I get really excited when I find out someone with superfab taste hales from the midwest and Kansas City, nonetheless.  I know what I thought about Kansas City before I ever visited, and I have to say I was completely wrong about this place.  But that's for another day.  I didn't want to let the week pass me by without sharing these lovely blue & white rooms by Kansas City native Thomas Britt and his associate Valentino Samsonadze in the June issue of Veranda.  It's a fantastic issue!

Would you believe that banquette in the last image is just a box spring and a mattress on the floor?  I've often thought about doing that, but never had the nerve.  The tailored bedspread makes it look upholstered, which is key.   I really love all of these rooms. So inspired!


  1. I love the first two rooms; specifically the fact that detail was carried over to the door panels. The tall french door is a must for a room with 10ft ceilings. The picture of the banquette leave me puzzled on how I would actually sit on that comfortably for any long period of time. Really all one can do is hug onto the edge because reaching the pillows would cause you to nearly lay down. It looks nice but I would try to get in the room first to claim a chair.

  2. Pretty pretty!! I agree the last issue was a good getting my mags in the mail, what fun! Thomas Britt is a real talent:) Enjoy your day.

  3. eeee that first room makes me squeal! i stopped getting veranda so thanks for sharing!


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