Pretty Outside

Morning y'all! Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days we've had this spring.  I spent pretty much the entire day outside.  Unfortunately, I was less than careful about where I slathered my sunscreen and ended up with a strange and uncomfortable sunburn - there may or may not be an actual hand print on my shoulder.  At one point I was so uncomfortable I sprayed Edward's California Baby Diaper Area Washon it and it seemed to do the trick so, yeah, just wanted to share.

Anyway, Kip was out of town the last two days (he's back, murderers and robbers, so back off).  When Kip goes out of town I get to do fun things like spend 6 straight hours on Pinterest without feeling guilty (after Edward goes to bed, of course).  So whilst perusing and pinning I came across this gorgeous indoor/outdoor space from the website of photographer Stephen Busken.

I'm so intrigued! I wonder where this house is and whether it was photographed for a magazine.  I want to see more!  I imagine standing in that atrium with all of those windows is pretty amazing.  Indoor/outdoor space is not really an option in Kansas City.  We sacrifice that luxury for four seasons and bugs.  I could do without the latter.  If anyone recognizes it let me know!

Have a lovely day folks!

* Images via Stephen Busken Photography


  1. Is that beautiful! So peaceful and serene, I can imagine sitting back hearing the birdies sing with a book and coffee...BLISS!
    Wanted to wish you a very very happy and peaceful Mothers day, make sure Edwards listening:) Hope you might even get some spaghetti on your special day!

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  3. OMGosh- What beautiful places! Can you believe it? I like it when I can be on the computer without feeling guilty, too. That is why I don't mind his evening ministry work. xo Diana

  4. I have to say that we saved a few of those pictures for an inspiration file. If you have a great courtyard why not use it more of the year? I love how it was enclosed with glass and made into an atrium room. Wonderful.


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